Thursday, October 19, 2006

Primerica Business or Job?

While you are searching for your perfect work at home job, there maybe some companies that present themselves as jobs when they are actually businesses. I came across Primerica invitiation and it reminded me several years back my husband got a phone call from someone who had his resume and they thought that he would be a good match for this company Primerica, a subsiduary of Citigroup. Well, it wasn't a job interview but not a business opportunity meeting with 10 other people.

A bait and switch? Absolutely. They pitch that you are going to work for a financial service firm. Maybe even telecommute from your home office.

Primerica is the company itself is built in the MLM mold, where sales agents get paid for business they do, but ultimately can get paid more for recruiting people to get into the business. You get promoted by getting more people and meeting goals and such, so agents obviously are motivated to bring people in as well as do business with you.

Do your research!

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