Monday, October 30, 2006

Telecommuting is more acceptable

I think that is fantastic news. As a person who thinks that working at home and telecommuting are the wave of the future, I am glad to see more Human Resource managers are on the same wavelength. According to a recent survey, 81% of hiring managers now have policies that allow employees to work remotely. In addition, 67% of hiring managers believe the number of employees who work remotely will grow by 2008.

"We learned that companies need to build a product that says, 'if you come and work for us, here's what you're going to have: a casual work environment, a flexible schedule' -- whatever that may be," said Jim Lanzalotto, vice president of strategy and marketing at Yoh. "Companies are realizing that in order to attract the best people to come work for their companies, they need to create an environment that's conducive to do that."

If you are looking to telecommute at your current job here are some resources:

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