Friday, May 25, 2012

7 signs that the internet job is a scam

Whenever you are looking for a job working from home , you should know that there are some scams that you will need to be on the lookout for as well.  Thankfully, there are scam signs of internet work from home jobs that will make them easier to avoid. 
Scam  Sign #1: Unnecessary Fees
Legit work at home jobs will not ask you to pay for them.  You may need to pay for a background check, but never for an application fee or an administrative fee.
Scam  Sign #2: A website that is poorly designed 
While some legit  businesses do have terrible looking websites, you should be careful.  You should also be careful whenever a business is using a free host because domains and hosting are so inexpensive today that no legitimate company is going to use a free host.
Scam Sign #3: Lack of Contact Information
Make sure that there is a street address, telephone number and an email address (not a free one such as Yahoo or gmail) listed.  It is a good idea to call the telephone number to make sure they answer it like a real business.
Scam Sign #4: Testimonials
There shouldn't be any testimonials listed. These are only used whenever a company is trying to sell you something. Therefore, beware of any company who is trying to recruit you by telling you what previous employees have said about them.
Scam Sign #5: Excessive Income Claims Make $1000s a week 
Whenever you read, "Easy work, great pay!" lookout!  You will never see a legitimate company saying anything other than "Salary commensurate with experience."  You should also be wary whenever you read "No experience necessary!"  While some companies are willing to train employees, they are not going to broadcast this.
Scam  Sign #6: Specific Group Targets
Another warning sign is whenever an ad targets a particular group of people. A legitimate employer is not going to care whether you are a mom, college student or a retired person. They simply need to know that you are going to be able to do the job.
Scam Sign #7: Requiring Too Much Personal Information
You should never be asked for your credit card number, social security number or banking information.  You will only need to put your social security number on a tax form once you are hired.  Most companies don't need your banking information either, as the majority of them will use PayPal
Jobs that look too good to be true usually are. Therefore, if you have any doubts or concerns about a job, trust your instincts. More than likely they are correct. Of course, you should be on the lookout for all of the aforementioned scam signs as well.

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