Monday, September 10, 2012

Work at home telecommuting job leads September 10th

Remember legit companies will not ask for a fee. These jobs are not researched however we have experience in weeding out what sounds legit and what isn't, Please be careful and ask QUESTIONS 
 The old saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will not make $1000s of dollars a week sitting around stuffing envelopes, typing or data entry . If they ask a fee for training or software-run the other way

Go Freelance   find thousands of freelance jobs- great resource for bloggers and writers


Work at home call centers, online scoring, transcription companies, bookkeepingaccounting

Online Music/Film Magazine Looking For News Writers, one of the leading entertainment-focused publications on the Internet, is seeking insightful, knowledgeable and talented writers to contribute to the ongoing and ever-intriguing discourse on music and film. We're currently adding daily news bloggers.
 REQUIREMENTS: We’re looking for self-motivated writers that can work from home. Must have an encyclopedic knowledge of music or film. Previous experience in journalism preferred, but a lack of published clips can be overcome with entertaining, high-quality writing and a strong desire to be published.
Daily News Bloggers: Must submit a minimum of three news posts a day, five days a week. (200+ word posts)

Appointment scheduler-Assistant to Advisor- Seminar Planner (South Shore ,Ma)

Scheduler and agents' helper needed:
Must live in Mass!
You can Work from home or a combination of home and in our office: 
A group of independents ( ladies and gentlemen ) are looking for help for our team.
A Scheduling Assistant will work as an integrated part of our Sales Team who are committed to their industry.  The Scheduler's responsibility will be to plan individual meetings and group seminar events for an assigned experienced Financial Sales Professional. The meetings to be scheduled are between the Sales Executive and their approved Financial Advisors located within their respective territory.
A knowledge or background in prospecting and event planning can be a great benefit to the team effort and can lead to dollars in your pocket.
This is a great position for someone who has tried sales in the insurance or the financial industry and has a general knowledge or skillset in this field of work. is a national catering marketplace where field sales reps (and lots of other business professionals) across the US arrange to have catering delivered to their customers (and lots of other business professionals). We're the Expedia of catering. We're a fun, funded, start-up, and we're growing fast. Really fast. 

Fanatic/fantastic customer service is one part of our secret sauce. One client put it well: "This is my first call to you guys, and I feel like I'm talking to a friend. I trust you already."

So we only hire people who are genuine, honest, caring, and able to get the details right.

Foodie Customer Service Ninja - days/eves/weekends from home

You have to like people. You have to like food. You have to like computers. You have to like a mix of activities and a lot of responsibility. You'll review -- and create -- food orders, convince customers and caterers that they're in good hands with us, and solve puzzles while juggling multiple phone calls and emails. Who's a reliable caterer for breakfast next Tuesday in Albia, Iowa? How can we help that lost delivery driver in downtown San Diego - or Fallon NV - get found? If you've worked in dispatch and you know (or at least really like) food, you should definitely call us.

Experienced PHP and Javascript programmer (Cambridge)

We have three web applications on our web site: Two of them (FlinkPlay and FlinkMake) are easily accessible for review by registering for a free subscription. It is important that anyone considering this engagement spend some time with FlinkMake (the Make button), as all of the initial tasks are related to that web application. In addition, there are over 3,000 online learning activities (created by me using one of the web applications). The code is currently in Flash, primarily Actionscript and PHP, and was solidly architected and initially implemented by an experienced American Flash programmer. We have embarked on a project to create the end-user player functionality (FlinkPlay) in HTML5 for mobile devices and have decided to use that code to play (and preview) activities online. As a result, we have decided to rewrite the existing FlinkMake code in PHP and Javacsript. The original programmer estimates there is about a month's worth of work to do that (and some additional time for non-authoring functionality in FlinkMake). The person can work from home, but I need someone with whom I can discuss things on the phone, someone who can help me understand how the system works in relation to specific functionalities I may need and can provide advice on the most appropriate and economical way to deal with the issues I raise for eventual enhancements. The new person will have access to me (the designer) and the original Flash programmer, all source code (Actionscript and PHP files) and documentation. The person must be experienced with JavaScript, PHP, and back-end databases. I expect an estimate of how long it will take to program the data-entry forms for the twenty-five activity templates currently in the Flash version of FlinkMake. I am willing to pay at the high end of the range for someone who is significantly faster than someone at the low end of the range. 

Telemarketer - Work From Home (Marietta)

We are looking for experienced telemarketers to set up appointments for our sales agents. 

FLEXXBUY has one mission, to help more people who don't have the cash on hand or credit score to be approved for traditional credit say "YES" to that major purchase they really need or desperately want.

It is estimated that as many as 40 to 50 percent of consumers are a carrying credit score that technically labels them as being "sub-prime". The consequences of being labeled as "sub-prime" are that most forms of traditional finance options become unavailable. Also, many of these people have very limited credit card spending power making their ability to deal with life emergencies difficult at best.

The crux of the matter is, that most are responsible, well intentioned people who were either victimized by the banks or circumstances. And many are quite capable of making reasonable payments over time. The people behind FLEXXBUY are intent on not allowing otherwise good consumers be victims of the past when in the present, they are an excellent risk.

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