Friday, April 19, 2013

Freelance writing and blogging online job leads April 19th

Freelance Online Video Blogger

We are looking for a fresh, young, fun voice to contribute high quality, educational posts to our "online video tips and tricks" blog at 

Posts should be ~750 words, well researched, and full of useful takeaways, images/videos, and resource links. See for tone, style, and quality benchmark.

Tech Blogger& Guest Bloggers Wanted is looking for multi year experienced tech blogger,who is very passionate about blogging and having large set of followers. We also like blogger to write according to latest trends ,that can drive great page views for the blog. 

Professional Blogging : 

Topics : 
Pc Tips & Tricks ,System tools & utility,desktop software,Android,Iphone,Windows,linux,Mac,Internet,Social Media,Web Startups,Seo tools,Web tools. 

1. Every post should have Minimum 1000 words. 
2. Post must meet our content guidelines standards. 
3. Blogger should have active facebook/twitter/Google + Profiles. 
4. Blogger should have multi year experience in tech blogging and have worked for reputed blogs. 
5. Topics should be well researched,unique,fresh. 
6. It should take at least 1-2 days to make post if It’s well researched. 
7. Content should be easy to read,conversational tone.(Native English speaker Preferred ). 

Mobile SEO Bloggers Wanted is a mobile marketing and development firm looking for bloggers to write and post regular articles concerning mobile website design, development and mobile search. 

We require you to have a reasonable level of expertise in these areas, as well as experience of writing blogs, and the ability to have them published online preferably across several sites. 

You will be allowed relative freedom when it comes to the topics of your posts, however, there will be times when you will be given a brief to stick to. All posts must be relevant, insightful, and useful to readers. 

Our Process: 
A brief will be sent out or a topic mutually decided upon 
Produce a post of at least 500 words 
We will assess the post and finalize it 

Dental Blogger Needed

We are looking for a blogger with expertise in the dental industry. 
Our goal is to position our client, an endodontist, as a thought leader in the dental industry. 

Talented Writer Needed for Website 

We are looking for a talented writer who can take a complex tech product and communicate the features and benefits in a way that can be easily understood by regular consumers. While you are not required to have technical writing experience, you must possess the ability to market a new, unfamiliar product to non-tech savvy consumers.
Specifically, we are marketing a browser add-on called Couponbar, which is an app that you install on your web browser.
Before you apply, please visit using a Google Chrome browser and install the app by clicking on the "Add Couponbar to Your Browser" button. Spend time to understand how this browser add-on works by visiting and We will only accept applications from writers who have spent the time and energy to understand how this product works.

Small Business Blog Post

We are continuing to grow editorial at the Intuit Small Business Blog and its sister publications and are looking for contributors who can regularly provide high-quality, timely, and well-written stories about small business.

Specifically, we are looking for the following:

> Regular stories with small business tips; operational advice on marketing, management, and finance; interviews with small business leaders; and case studies about small businesses in a variety of industries who can share their success stories and the lessons learned from them with our audience. We have ideas but would love for you to pitch them, too. This comprises the vast majority of our coverage.
> Regular blog-style coverage of small business current events and news: Legal decisions, government rulings, regulatory news, tax updates, and other errata of interest to the small business owner. We want to demystify this news and make it easy, digestible, and accessible to the busy small business operator.
> Hands-on product reviews of small business technology -- a piece of hardware, software, mobile application, etc. -- that's applicable to the small business world.
> Hands-on articles involving tips, tricks, and how to use a variety of Intuit products. We need product experts for a separate series of product-specific posts.

Freelance Legal WebContent Writer (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Award-winning website design firm, PaperStreet, seeks experienced legal web content writer to craft web copy for law firms that serve corporate and institutional clients. This is a freelance, work-from-home position.

We seek a lawyer-writer who:

• understands the legal landscape in the areas of corporate, business, real estate, finance, government and related areas;
• can speak to an audience of in-house counsel, executives, businessmen, global leaders and other sophisticated readers; and
• can discuss legal matters ranging from high-stakes disputes to multi-national transactions to complex regulatory matters.

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