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Work at home Tutoring and Teaching Jobs

Teaching someone is one of the most satisfying deeds and with the advent of technology, you can also take up teaching as your full time or part time profession. Yes, online tutoring is not only becoming a popular trend among students of all ages, but it is also giving learned individuals usually teachers  a chance to share their knowledge and earn decent money. Through the medium of internet.
Online tutoring is a flexible profession for all as it provides ease of teaching from home via skype . Whether you are an educationist by profession or not, you can simply try your hands at web teaching if your past record has some extraordinary skills. Like if you are good at math, you may approach any online tuition company and apply for the post of math online tutor. Similarly, if you possess skills in English language, you can easily teach the students staying at remote places where English is not at all spoken. 

Lets analyze how online tutoring is beneficial for people who love to teach.
Tutor Job Flexibility 
This is the highlight of the web tutoring jobs as the tutor  can choose the number of hours and time to teach. Being an online tutor, you may also select the subject that you find more comfortable to teach as well as the number of students to be taught can also be decided by you.  Usually the hours are after school or you may get some homeschool students
Unlike other high-end jobs,  online  tutoring jobs may not give you the big money  but for a home-based job, you get decent returns from the online tuition. Moreover, you keep yourself busy with the work even if you are not going to any office.
Internet-based tutoring  also allows you to explore new dimensions of present education system. You can even get the chance to teach students abroad. There are many countries where foreign language teachers are required, so you can apply for such jobs and teach through online resources. Additionally, you can save on traveling time and expenses if you are teaching from home.
Subjects you can teach: 
There is an array of subjects that you can teach via the web. However, the most preferred are Math and English. 
  • Math, specifically Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus
  • English, specifically Grammar, Essay writing, Literature Analysis, Vocabulary and Communications Skills  
  • Science, specifically Biology, Chemistry and Physics

It is truly believed that web tutoring is a boon for students these days, but for tutors also it's a better way to display their teaching skills with the additional resources available over the web.

Here are some online tutoring companies that regularly hire 
Online tutors at Aim for A tutor one-on-one in a variety of subjects, including math, science, and language arts as well as offer homework help and test preparations for GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and AP subjects. Students are English-speaking and range in age from elementary school to college. Tutoring is done via online audio and data conferencing, using Skype.

Connections Academy

 Reading, math, foreign language, social studies, speech pathology, arts, music, physical education, special education   Calling itself "school without walls," this virtual educational program works with school districts in various states to serve students in a non-classroom-based environment. It hires certified teachers who are responsible for instruction, testing and grading with their students. 


K-12 tutors in math, science and English/reading in the Supplemental Education Services (SES) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program are paid an hourly rate of around $20. These jobs require U.S. residency and a teaching certificate. However, freelance tutors may pay a fee and be listed in the company’s online platform. These tutors set their own online tutoring rates and no specific education or certification requirements are need. Subjects include English as a second language (ESL), nearly any college-level subject, test prep and study skills

Science, social studies, technology, math, writing, language
High school and college
Work-at-home online tutors work with students of varying abilities and ages. Most tutors have at least a master’s degree and are paid on an hourly basis. Tutors may work from anywhere in the world as long as they have computer and Internet access (and a U. S. bank account). Peak season for hiring is May-August and November-December every year. Part-time (9-20 hours per week). Paid training of 10-15 hours required.

This online teaching service connects students to tutors from computers in their local library, community center, school, after school program, or from home. To become certified as an online tutor, you must have a degree from or be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college, then you must pass a test in your area of specialty and submit a writing sample. The process takes 1-3 weeks. Pay is based on the subject tutored and the number of hours tutored.

Online tutors must be enrolled in (or have graduated) from an American or Canadian college or university and be available to work from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. Pay begins at $12 per hour in addition to incentives. Tutors, who are independent contractors must commit to at least 5 hours per week. U.S. residents only. Part time

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I've been an online tutor for Smarthinking for 8 years. It's been a wonderful way for me to work flexible hours after giving up my full-time teaching job to become a SAHM.