Friday, May 24, 2013

Freelance writing and blogging jobs May 24th

FatalDose is a new online magazine specifically for men. We'll feature amazing content, eye-popping photos, and viral videos related to design, gear, grub, rides, style, travel, and women. Our goal is to eventually become one of the premier destinations for men on the internet. We already have a great brand, a great logo, and a great website. Now we need great writers. 

We're looking for writers who aren't just in it for a paycheck. We want writers who take pride in their work. If you wouldn't share the articles on your own social networks, then it probably doesn't belong on our site. 

Looking for a PF ghost writer to write amazing articles on an ongoing basis. 

This will probably be around 1-2post/week with soft deadlines. Usually will have 4 days to complete each assignment. 
Are you a writer or content curator that is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+? If you fit into this profile, we want you on our editorial team to help us grow our brand. In return you will be able to build your own professional or personal brand. 

Whizguide is looking for content curators that have a great knowledge for contents that are popular, trending, engaging and sharable. 

We are seeking a long-term freelancer, who is comfortable working 1-2 days/week or on an as-needed basis. This assignment is not suited to someone seeking a fulltime opportunity.

•As part of ideeli’s event production process, review merchandise – actual samples and vendor supplied information sheets – to capture all information that a customer would need to make an online purchasing decision.

•Input and format data into company's back-office website

•Write technical copy without spelling or grammatical errors

•Assist other team members during ‘peak’ periods to ensure that all work is completed without errors and on deadline has an immediate opening for an experienced copywriter.

Minimum Qualifications
• 1+ years of experience in catalog or eCommerce writing; experience in product review writing is preferable
• Have the ability to meet tight deadlines and multitask many projects simultaneously.
• Organized and detail oriented

Additional Preferred Qualifications
• Basic knowledge of SEO is preferable.

Preferred Educational Level:
• B.A. degree or higher/equivalent professional experience in English, Communications, Advertising, Creative Writing or related degree

As an editor and writer covering the multicultural space you work in a virtual home office and are responsible for producing and managing research deliverables for our consumer-centric research product, collaborating closely with the Multicultural Advisory team.

  • Lead, produce and manage multicultural research deliverables.
  • Identify trends and observations significant to African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans across regions, generations and consumer categories, using secondary sources and primary observation.
  • Produce articles and other deliverables with accurate analysis of significance for Latino, African American and Asian American consumers, marketing opportunities, driving consumer values/motivators and CEB Iconoculture Macrotrends.
  • Prepare deliverables for publishing, including applying metatags and following technical requirements.
  • Write additional deliverables related to multicultural consumers, including generational profiles and cultural background documents.
  • Develop a network of field sources and experts for insight into age, life stage and regional differences; lifestyle categories; and niche areas.
  • Collaborate closely with Advisory Strategists to provide expert insight into specific behavior and values of multicultural consumers.
  • Advise on the development of CEB Iconoculture’s multicultural research product, including taxonomy and Macrotrends.
  • Work with editorial staff and manage/edit other contract writers as necessary

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