Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wahm work at home and telecommuting jobs leads May 22nd

Telemarketing from your home on our computer-based phone dialer. Neither your phone nor caller ID will be used.
We are a National Lender that offers Reverse Mortgages to seniors.
Your job is to find interested people for us to speak with or send information to.
Hours are completely flexible.

We are looking for a Virtual Marketing Assistant to help us grow our expanding businesses. . .

The ideal candidate it someone who left their previous career to raise children, and is looking to test the waters by working from home on a part-time basis. While this is a virtual position, you will be supported via conference calls and emails by our core team members.
Our team is composed of other stay-at-home-parents, who work their own schedules from their home offices.

If you are someone who manages a busy house, multiple schedules, takes pride in throwing parties and organizing events for your kids and family, and tends to make friends where you go, this may be an ideal situation for you.

We are looking for someone to start part-time as an Associate Producer booking and organizing our weekly shows (; then grow the position into helping build our Sponsor Teams. And/or get your hands dirty building Help create joint ventures amongst our many emerging entrepreneurs and established CEOs. We're fertile with opportunities for many years to come!

AIC America, Inc. and AIC LEADS is hiring a few callers for our call center. This is a work at home opportunity. You can work from any state. We generate insurance leads for our agents in several different states in The United States. We need professional callers who can work full time or part time (minimum 20 hours) each week.
You would need to have high speed internet and an up to date operating system and be able to run Java. You also need a headset with a microphone that will work with your computer.
The hours are flexible as long as you get your 20. There is no set up fees or any cost to get started. Pay is weekly and by direct deposit on Fridays. This is an independent, 1099 position. The pay is base pay plus bonuses.
We do work in a team environment on Skype. You do not have to maintain a strict schedule as long as you check in with our supervisor to let her know your comings and goings and maintain communication.

CPA Firm in Springfield is looking for a part time bookkeeper. The work days and hours are flexible. Telecommute for most work is allowed, but there would be some on-site client work required..... 1 day per week.

We work virtually as a firm and often times perform our work on site at our client locations and at our individual home offices. Our focus is on CLIENT SERVICE and providing the best service by qualified professionals at affordable and reasonable rates.


The USA Work & Travel Program offers international university students a challenging opportunity to intimately experience life and culture in the U.S. during their summer holiday period through our J-1 Visa Program.
Our Program Coordinator will act as a strong support staff and liaison between our international participants, and our employers who hire our students on a seasonal basis. The successful candidate will be responsible to organize and facilitate the entire program; as well as provide excellent customer service. This position is for a self-starter, who desires to work independently from home; but has the strong values of dedication and commitment to working together for the greater good; knowing that you are a contributor to something that changes lives globally.

ZeroChaos, Inc. is recruiting temporary part-time telecommuters with fluency in one of any of the following languages: German, Castilian Spanish (specific to Spain/Europe only), European French, Italian, simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, UK (British) English, or Portuguese (specific to Brazil) and an in-depth knowledge of the language's culture to help with Quality Evaluation for websites for our client, a leading search engine company. Do you have an eye for spotting awkward language in web ads or ads that are poorly matched with your search results? Have you spent twelve months living abroad in the country related to your language in the past eight years or do you visit there fairly frequently? We are looking for average internet users to help improve the accuracy/relevancy of the ads that are placed with search results and on websites. All work is performed from home, on your computer. 

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