Monday, October 07, 2013

Work at home telecommuting job leads October 7th

Integrative Medicine Strategist, LLC is transforming the paradigm of health and care. We provide targeted Integrative Medicine Healthcare programs and services that are customized and designed to meet the needs of each employer and each employee. Our focus is reducing health-care costs for employers and employees while simultaneously attaining the highest possible health outcomes, thus, creating a "win-win" situation for all parties.

As an exciting new start-up company, we are seeking several Administrative Coordinators based in the Metro West region of Massachusetts, who are passionate about integrative medicine and holistic healing, and who are self-directed, organized and resourceful. As the first point of contact for our customers, excellent communication skills and the ability to understand and handle private and confidential information in the utmost professional manner are essential.

Primarily, this is a work-from-home, part-time position that has the potential to go full-time, if interested. There will be a need to attend weekly meetings in Milford. We are looking for people who can provide coverage from Monday-Friday between 8:00am-1:00pm, or between 12:00pm-5:00pm. As the company expands across the country, there is the possibility we will also require expanding coverage between 4:00pm-9:00pm. Because we operate virtually, it is important that you are internet and software savvy and not afraid to learn new systems to organize, manage and execute tasks.

Who We Are
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, American Well was founded in 2006 by industry veterans Drs. Roy and Ido Schoenberg. Our mission is to transform healthcare delivery through technology and improve access to quality care by removing traditional barriers to healthcare delivery such as distance, mobility, and time constraints.

What We Do
American Well is a software technology company that brings healthcare into the homes and workplaces of patients. Our web-based telehealth platform--Online Care--allows patients and healthcare providers to have immediate, live, and clinically meaningful visits through video, secure text chat, and phone.

JOB TITLE: Call Center Analyst
DEPARTMENT: Operations
EMPLOYMENT HOURS: weekend hours: Sat and or Sun, 9AM-5PM


Transcriptionist and/or transcription editor/QA, experienced, to work from home on a contract basis. We are seeking independent contractors with a strong ability to transcribe and/or QA, excellent written language skills, as well as strong computing and Internet skills. Familiarity with Express Scribe, Skype and Google Docs preferred. To qualify, you must be able to transcribe a 60 minute audio file within 24 hours without difficulty, and be available to transcribe at least 200 minutes of audio per week (for QA work, the minimums are 240 audio minutes in a day or 800 in a week). Compensation varies with work type; typical verbatim work averages $10 per 15 minutes of audio (for QA work, $9 per hour of audio). This position is available to native English speaking applicants only.

This is a legitimate ad for paid long term contract work. We do not charge fees for application, etc.

If you fit our requirements (and if we fit yours), we are a great transcription company to do business with. We are interested in long-term relationships, offer opportunities for a steady volume of orders to contractors we work with, and pay with clockwork regularity. It's a great opportunity for people looking for work on a flexible schedule. 

I'm looking for someone who is peppy and personable who can help make sales calls from roughly 4:30pm - 7pm Monday through Friday (these days and times can be flexible).

I run a dog playgroup company, and I need some help making sales calls. Job can be done from home and on your own time. Ideally you can make phone calls during the time frame suggested. Please contact me for more details. Hiring Organization: Doggy Dates

Imaginatik plc is looking for a Customer Support Part-Time Home Worker initially to handle first level customer emails and phone calls during 8AM to 4PM east coast. There will be the option, and the occasional need, to work outside these hours.

This is product support for a web application and you would be given a script to answer calls. The role will suit an IT literate candidate who can follow documented procedures. You will probably have a degree in a science or technical subject, not necessarily IT. Your customers will typically be senior professionals in technical and non-technical roles in Fortune 500 companies: some will be very IT literate while others will have only the most basic understanding of IT ... you will be expected to handle this full range. For this reason, preference will be given to candidates with experience of customer interactions over IT qualifications. 

After a three month probationary period you shall progress to more involved tasks.

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