Saturday, January 04, 2014

Freelance writing and blogging jobs January 4th

The London Hotels Insight blog (est. 2009) currently employs several regular freelance writers who either post content directly on Wordpress or send in unique contributions via email. I need a freelance editor to take me out of the loop in day-to-day blog management and be accountable for timely posting of great content.
Manage content production (Wordpress essential) – both editing and adding own content.
Add photos and internal plus affiliate links. Tag and optimise posts for SEO.
Manage and motivate existing writers (all are paid) for timely content.
Organise posts to go out under agreed schedule.
Liaise post-publication to rectify errors or inaccuracies.
We are seeking highly skilled writers, experienced with writing web content to today's SEO standards, to ghostwrite & create regular content for a variety of client websites. We prefer to find someone who can become a "team member" and can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to our projects rather than a "one-off". We are also seeking writers who are skilled & experienced in writing content for the area of law.

Your role will include researching & creating educational blog posts, opinion pieces, "how-to's", "top 10's", etc. on a wide range of subject matter for over 20 different client websites. We also have need of smaller pieces of content such as press releases and infographic script writing.

We are looking for writers & content that REAL readers can identify with, NOT content written for search engine robots. Content must not only hook readers, but reel them in as regular readers by providing valuable, clear and unique perspectives. The truth is that most of the industries we serve are boring to the average reader and we need someone that can find the interesting side of these boring businesses.

Some of the industries we are currently supporting are: Law (many different areas of practice), HVAC Supply, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Skin Care, Pest Control, Painting, and more. 
We are looking for established writers and bloggers to write original articles for our website  on a daily or weekly basis. My website niche is about hair loss problems.

You can write articles about hair loss problems or you can write articles on any of the categories that are listed on our website that you would like to write about. And please share the articles on your all of your social network sites.

• Expert on the topic that you most want to write about.
• Excellent writing skills. Please provide us with links to your best published articles.
• Must add all relevant, images and links for your posts, etc.
• Strong social network to help promote blog posts.

For all of the writers and bloggers that want to write for our website they will get paid $100 if their article get voted as the best article of the month. 

We are looking for an established writer in the tech space (preferably telematics)to write in depth guides and articles. The job can include social sharing and building connections.

• Knowledgeable about telematics and development and current trends.
• Expert on the topic that you most want to write about.
• Excellent writing skills. Please provide us with links to your best published articles.
• Must add all relevant screenshots, images and links for your posts, code for tutorials, etc.
• Strong social network to help promote blog posts
• Deadline oriented.
• All content must be original and will be owned by us once you are compensated.

This is a telecommute opportunity and is part time. You can work around your own schedule as long as you meet deadlines. 

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