Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free WAHM Telecommuting job leads May 20th

U-Haul is currently hiring committed customer service agents to work from home to assist our customers with various inquiries or concerns related to our products and services. Agents will receive incoming calls from customers across the United States and Canada and must be an advocate for our customers and provide professional and courteous service at all times. As a customer service agent you must actively listen to the customers concerns, make informed decisions, and take the proper course of action to come to a positive resolution with the goal of offering a reasonable resolution to the customer, and retaining the customer's current and future business.

Like Facebook? Ready to tweet at a moment’s notice? As a social media professional mod, you’ll work with today’s top and emerging clients to rock out a killer social media strategy. Social media managers are on the front lines of their community: listening, engaging, and gathering feedback as both the voice and ears for their brand. Organized, driven, and motivated, social media professionals are also savvy with creating comprehensive reports to share with marketing, developers, PR, and customer service teams.

Turning the Corner, LLC, a fast-growing career services firm, is looking for the perfect person to join our growing team as ourexecutive assistant and job search specialist In Boulder, CO.  We need help from you supporting us if you want to be the glue for a VERY, VERY busy team of people.  We need someone who is amazing at handling a large volume of transactions (like 40-50 a day), likes working with a bit of chaos, and is amazing with details - really, really amazing with details. We are a fun team that is authentic, warm, and supportive toward each others lives.  You can work from home most of the time, but you'll need to be available a couple times a week for face-to-face meetings with the team in Boulder, CO. Please note: we are not accepting any applications for people outside of a 30 mile radius of Boulder, CO.

We are currently hiring (as of May 15, 2014) additional call center agents. We are planning on hiring 10 new call agents. This is a work from home position. We are making conservative political calls, with the purpose of generating email leads.
This is similar to a sales position, in that you do need to be able to handle objections. You have a base pay of $8 / hr. And you can make up to $16 / hour. We provide an online system where the calls are automatically made. These are outbound calls, so you are on the phone the entire time.
We are looking for someone to manage our social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+). 

Please provide examples of companies whose social media you have managed and any tangible results since you took over (more likes, engagement, etc.)

Job Description: 
We're looking for a Social Media Marketer to help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty for our business.

We are looking for graphic designers who can create high-quality, unique "mobile postcard" templates for various topics in a wide range of industries (see bulleted list below). The most important criteria we need for each mobile postcard are (1) provide popular offerings for each industry and (2) create eye-catching artwork which evoke positive emotional responses from the viewers.

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