Saturday, May 31, 2014

Freelance writing and blogging wahm job May 30th

We are a local Portland, OR real estate investment company poised for exponential growth this year and beyond. We are looking to develop long term working relationships with quality blog writers.
The skills we are looking for include excellent writing in US English, online research experience, good communication skills, timeliness, consistency, and a willingness to learn and take direction. Wordpress knowledge is required.
We are looking for an individual to research and write articles relevant to the Portland, OR real estate market.

Direct response copywriter needed for health and wellness website and potential multiple projects. Subject matter is anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy.

Only seasoned writers with website or persuasive blogging experience and a creative flair for headline, advertising, and promotional copywriting need apply. The successful candidate should have proven copywriting experience with a multi-project portfolio to demonstrate expertise and skill.

We're a widely-read movie blog, established 6 years ago, looking to add a couple of new bloggers for news. Roughly 5 stories a week (approx 200 words) at a time of your choosing for £50 a month. The focus is on mainstream breaking news, from comic book movies to horror to comedy - picking up stories from the trades/other key sites. If you're a movie fan then it should be good fun. There are also other opportunities like press screenings, interviews, radio guest spots etc that pop up randomly (if you want to do them). For news coverage you can be based anywhere.
We are seeking the services of a superb wordsmith to create content for our roster of fashion clients.
The opportunity:
- 30+ posts required each month
- 5+ Press Releases each month
- Regular ongoing stream of work
- Write for some of the best know Australian and international brand.
The criteria:
- English as a first language is essential.
- A fun, engaging, informative and interesting tone.
- Ability to undertake research and source relevant images, icons, data etc to deliver a ready to post content
- Experience writing for fashion sites or blogs
Are you interested in joining a startup that will disrupt online marketing and advertising? 

We need your talent and passion to build impactful content and become Ifeelgoods voice to the world! 

In today’s highly competitive environment for brands, Ifeelgoods believes that rewarding audiences is key to build long-term connections with consumers. Our mission is to provide marketers with the most seamless & advanced technological tools to reward people. As we love to say at Ifeelgoods: "Giving is the best marketing!" 

We're looking for a content crafter to become Ifeelgoods content manager and blog writer. The individual mission is to write relevant and impactful content on our blog, social media accounts and other marketing materials with the end goal of growing Ifeelgoods awareness to brands & advertising agencies as well as demonstrate Ifeelgoods expertise, value and vision. 
The responsibilities include:
Making calls to assigned S&P 250 companies to request specific, outlined items
Conducting online research Recording all communication in excel  Keeping track of all communication and deliverables for assigned companies and board members

Pay:  $13-$15/ hour
Job Description: Aaron Allen & Associates, one of the top-performing and most admired global restaurant consulting agencies, is looking to expand its content team. We are looking for journalists who have established themselves as experts in the field – writers who are so well-versed in industry specifics they can confidently convince the biggest names in hospitality that restaurant social media requires more than posting photos on Instagram.
We are currently looking for smart, professional and creative writers to work with our HowAboutWe for Couples Editorial Team in San Francisco. This is an excellent opportunity to write copy for a fast growing internet start-up.
Compensation: $40-50 per article DOE
Key Responsibilities:
Work closely with city editor, who will train you on HowAboutWe for Couples’ unique style.
Receive and turn around copy with a two-day deadline.

Lightly interact with Salesforce opportunities and perform additional research for each article.

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