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Work at home telecommuting job leads August 27th

At ACTIVE Network, we are building solutions for all types of activity organizations helping them automate, simplify and grow their businesses. Our cloud technology powers business events and conferences, community programs, parks departments, local attractions, faith-based organizations, sports events, and outdoor activities. We deliver technology that changes the way the world gets active.
But ACTIVE is more than a technology company. It’s a company of passionate people that live to be ACTIVE. We are inspired by our customers. We are fueled by challenge. As a member of the ACTIVE team, you must embrace our exciting work-hard, play-hard environment and bring your passion, dedication and creativity each and every day. ACTIVE’s team members are focused on results and committed to excellence. Together, we are making the world a more ACTIVE place.

***This is a work at home opportunity in the Phoenix, AZ area***
The position will work with Mother and Baby populations. Experience with families, high risk pregnancies, NICU, and/or community resources is required.
Social workers are responsible for providing social work services to patients and families. They function as a member of the departmental team which includes educating the patient, family and members of the healthcare team regarding benefits, community resources, referrals for counseling and other pertinent information. Social workers are also responsible for triaging referrals and collaborating on cases with other members of the healthcare delivery team. In addition, social workers must be able to assist the patient in a sensitive and supportive manner, while acting as an advocate on behalf of the patient.

Humana has an excellent opportunity to join our leading health insurance organization as an Acute Case Manager. In this role you will ensure services meet the member’s health needs and promote high quality care in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting.

You will collaborate with other health care providers in reviewing concurrent medical care and services against established Guideline review criteria.
Manage an active caseload of Humana members within the acute care setting performing concurrent review telephonically.
Assist with discharge planning to home or for possible transfers to alternative levels of care utilizing the appropriate Guidelines.
Identify potentially unnecessary services and care delivery settings, and recommend alternatives if appropriate by analyzing clinical data.
Make referrals to appropriate Humana programs for complex case management and/or disease management by utilizing established screening criteria
Work closely with a Humana Regional Medical Director.

This is a part-time position, however it is possible to start on a full-time basis.

We are a leading consulting company that helps small businesses grow by developing and executing strategic marketing and sales systems on their behalf. Our expertise is in working with small businesses that have annual sales of $1- $5 million and are in the manufacturing industry. All of our clients are in the B2B marketplace. We provide a variety of services and tools to help them attract new business. 

Our company offers a true long-term career path that enables someone who has the talents, skills and abilities to truly flourish and reach their full potential. We provide advanced coaching and mentoring in sales and marketing, which is very rare and profound. We provide you advanced learning material from individuals such as Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes and Tony Alessandra. Each staff member that currently works with our company has shared with us that our philosophies, strategies and our approach in delivering results to our clients is not only refreshing, but gives them the deep reward of knowing that their work is making a difference and touching lives. 

We are seeking an experienced Inside Sales Person that can manage all aspects and functions of converting leads into sales. This is not a sit back and wait for things to happen type of position. If you are not an expert closer, this position is not for you.
This is a virtual position where you would be working remotely from your home. We will provide you with a specific list of companies to contact to develop sales on behalf of our clients, as well as a complete understanding of our client's competitive advantage and unique selling proposition. 

How to live on a budget for WAHM & Freelance Writers


Forbes did a recent article on how freelancers should budget their money! Some great tips that I wanted to share since so many WAHM doing freelance writing and small gigs.

1. Know what you’re spending.

 The most important money principle for everyone — freelancer and full-timer — is to spend less than you earn . So knowing where your money goes is key to proper budgeting. If you don’t already, track your spending. You can do this in whatever way you are most likely to stick with — a spreadsheet, a notebook, an automated program like Mint, or one of the numerous other financial apps that aim to help you manage your money.

2. Create a baseline budget using a conservative number.

 Track your income for a few months and see what you’re averaging. Or, if you have records from the last several months or year, determine your average from that. Let’s say in the last three months, you earned $2,000, then $4,000 and then $3,000. Create a budget using $2,500 as your limit, remembering that 30% of that money will go to taxes. If this figure won’t cover what you’re spending monthly, we’ll go over how to fix that in a moment. “Some people have a situation where they have enough cons

3. Come up with your dream budget.

 The methods outlined above are good for helping you live within your means. But if you’re not making enough money or are new to freelancing or just lost a client, then you may be looking at that math and feeling like things are a little too close for comfort, or even realizing that you’re in the red. 

 4. If your dream budget number is vastly higher than your first, cut costs. 

You may be in danger of getting into debt because your income may not cover your costs. If so, go back and see how you can cut your costs, starting with recurring ones.

 5. Try the 50/20/30 method of budgeting.

 You may be wondering how much you should spend on different expenses. Some people like the 50/20/30 guideline Take your income and subtract whatever you are paying to taxes. From there, divide your expenses into three categories — 1. Necessities like housing, transportation, groceries and utilities, 2. “Paying yourself” in savings, retirement contributions and paying down debt, and 3. Discretionary spending on items like going out, shopping, travel, entertainment, fitness, etc. — and allocate no more than 50% of your income to necessities, no less than 20% to paying yourself and no more than 30% on discretionary spending. Notice that the emphasis is on saving more or putting more toward debt when you can.

 6. Give yourself a weekly allowance.

 Once you’ve determined your monthly discretionary spending limit (the “30” if you’re following 50/20/30), break it down into a weekly allowance. “This works really well for a lot of my clients, because they say, ‘I know my bills are paid, I know I’m putting aside money for taxes and savings each month, and I just need to keep track of this number,’” says Bera.

 7. Give yourself a paycheck. After you’ve gotten into a predictable rhythm with income, bills and your weekly spending, you can try creating a paycheck for yourself. Let’s say you decide you need $4,000 to live on every month and that $4,000 is your monthly average income after taxes.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to do a WAHM job interview via Skype

CBS News did a recent story on how to do ace  an interview on Skype or any other video chat software.   This is becoming very common for work at home jobs rather than the phone interview.  

Get  USB headset! 

Know your software. It doesn't matter what software they want to use -- Skype, Google Hang Out, Go To Meeting, or any other program -- it is important that you know how to use it before you go live. Practice by calling your sister, your parents, or friends. Familiarize yourself with how to hit mute without accidentally hanging up.

Get good hardware. Your camera,  is probably fine, but your built in computer-made microphone is not. He suggests you buy a good microphone that will give you clear sound. Test it out. Even though bad sound shouldn't affect their decision, it might, particularly if they have trouble understanding you. Also, test your camera for the right angle -- it should be at eye level. Do a quick sound and video check before you go live to make sure everything is set up properly. (WAHM TIP Get a Skype Certified USB headset  such as Plantronics Audio 628 USB Stereo Headset)

Think about where you'll be. You don't it to be too dark, or too light, or (worst of all) have something unseemly behind you. And even though they are darling, Bailo says, "No one wants to see pictures of your kids..sorry!" You can even purchase background paper to give yourself a nice neutral background, but that's not necessary if you can create one yourself.   

Think of your user name. It should be professional. It shouldn't detract from who you are and what you can bring to the company. Remember, Skype accounts are free. Create a new one with a professional name if you want to keep your "cool" name for your friends. (WAHM TIP Usually your first inital last name plus a number is pretty standard for Skype) 

Get an "On Air" sign to hang on the door. Unless you're the only one home, your kids, spouse or dishwasher repairman may come barging in during your interview. Make a sign, hang it up, and instruct everyone to stay away. You wouldn't bring your toddler to a face to face interview, so don't have her anywhere near you during a webcam interview. (WAHM TIP make sure that the kids are not around-have your husband or a babysitter take them for during the interview time) 

It's not over until after it's over. Just because you think you've hung up, doesn't mean you have.Wait two minutes after the camera and audio are turned off -- just in case it isn’t. You don’t want to say or do anything that can negatively impact your performance."

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Freelance and Blogging WAHM job leads August 23rd

How I pay for Christmas!  

We are looking for a blogger that can write 2,000 to 3,000 word blog posts once per week on the following topics : internet marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, analysis of websites, analysis of businesses (breaking down different websites, what they are doing right vs wrong) We are willing to pay someone $500 per post

This post is for a blogger who has knowledge of electronics (specifically mobile devices) and the ability to promote these products through blog posts. The point of the website is to help customers decide which products are best for them based on their needs. The posts will also include affiliate links to the specific products. is looking for an experienced blogger who can write about Japanese news and culture topics for a temporary 3-4 month contract.

What is Required?

10 short news posts per week Mon-Fri - these will be a max of 300 words each. You will be expected to find interesting news topics related to Japan to write about. These should not just be global news stories related to Japan but also unique and quirky stories.

10 longer evergreen pieces per month (preferably 2-3 per week) - these will be longer opinion pieces & list posts about Japanese lifestyle and culture, you will be free to choose the topics yourself. These posts will need to be around 600 words each. 
Keene Sentinel Seeking Local Freelance Writers The Keene Sentinel (Keene, NH) is currently seeking talented writers to cover a variety of topics from lifestyle to business. On a recurring basis, potential writers should be prepared to complete pieces within 4 days from assignment ..

Our client is looking for a passionate, curious & creative candidate that has experience with B2B product marketing in the IT space. Job Scope:As the Marketing Writer you will be responsible for the creation and production of the company's promotional materials and marketing publications. This is a key role in supporting the product marketing team to manage one of the biggest and hottest video offerings in the industry. The right candidate will be a creative writer who has a passion for an online products environment and can lead the marketing documentation efforts that will support all products, clients, stakeholders, partners and internal users.

We're on the lookout for talented editors to join our growing team of editing superheroes. A Kibin editor knows what makes writing good and knows how to help our users be the best writers possible.
Knowledge of style guides such as MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style is desirable. Ability to edit to US English standards is critical. Understanding of Australian/NZ and UK English standards is also a plus. is a respected online editing service. We edit for customers all across the globe, 24-hours per day. Our customers submit a variety of documents ranging from student essays to cover letters and business documents.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coding and Transcribing Work at home job leads August 20th

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Want to be a part of an organization that Fortune magazine has identified as a Most Admired Company for five years in a row?

Kindred Healthcare is seeking experienced self-motivated Inpatient Coding Specialists to join one of our dynamic groups of coding professionals.

This coding team provides high quality coding support for over 100 national acute care facilities.   They take great pride in their work and are glad to be part of such strong organization that truly cares about their patients as well as their employees.  

These home-based coding positions can be located anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Well established remote coding program.
  • Coding support team to assist coders with their queries and provide education.
  • Computer equipment provided (Dual Monitors).
  • Internet reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive annual and ongoing coding training and education (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10).

Leapforce is looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy. This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for one of the world's largest internet search engine companies.
Search Engine Evaluators will need to combine a passion for analysis with an understanding of various online research tools. Applicants must be detail oriented and have a broad range of interests.
Ideal Search Engine Evaluators will possess the following skills
  • Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with American social culture, media, and web culture
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English
  • Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus
  • University degree or equivalent experience (degrees in-progress are acceptable). Advanced degrees a plus
  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.
  • Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
  • Possess a high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, etc.)

The Customer Service Representative is a front line service professional and brand representative for HSN. By establishing meaningful connections and confidently driving to accurate and appropriate resolutions to problems with customers’ orders, accounts, or other aspects of the customer experience, the Hybrid Customer Service Representative builds customer loyalty and increases brand value with each and every phone interaction.

 Gerber Life Insurance Company has been providing superior quality life insurance products since 1967! We offer an array of insurance products to meet the needs of individuals and families, including The Grow-Up® Plan, The Gerber Life College Plan, and adult coverage products, including Term Life, Whole Life, Guaranteed Life, and Accident Protection. As an affiliate of Gerber Products Company, “the baby food people,” the two companies share a common goal: to help parents raise happy, healthy children. Gerber Products Company and Gerber Life are companies of the NestlĂ© organization. 

We are looking for someone to transcribe four webinars that are in video/.mov format. Three of the four are one hour in length and the fourth one is just under two hours. 

The webinars are from an online holistic health nutrition course so there are some medical terms and protocols. 
I am an attorney creating very basic Q&A type videos for our Wordpress site. I need someone who can take the video and audio files, do some basic edits, then get them to the website.

Specifically, our process will look like this:

1. Edit the content (sync the audio and video files, perform basic edits in Camtasia or similar, add outro, upload file to Dropbox for my review, separate audio for podcast, transcribe video including bullet points with time codes)
2. Broadcast content (upload video to YouTube, Libsyn for podcast, embed video using YouTube host on Wordpress site, add bullet points with time codes and transcription to site)

I have around 20 podcasts that I need to have transcribed by October 1, 2014. They range in length from 25 minutes to 55 minutes (most average 35 min), and all are in interview format (2 people). Audio is high quality and in English. I can share the MP3 files with you through Dropbox (they are large!) or you can access them online. 

For this first job, I just want to have one of those transcribed (probably one that's around 30 minutes). If work meets expectations, I will extend the contract so that the remaining podcasts can be transcribed over a longer period of time, to be negotiated. 

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Work at home telecommuting job leads August 18th

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I am hiring an assistant for 2 businesses, both part-time.
1) Massage Therapy center with 3-4 practitioners needs you to track clients and bring them back for followup and ongoing visits. This position is about building up and maintaining the massage therapists' practices. It's a part-time, anywhere job that requires flexibility and initiative.

2) Supportive phone contact "guide" for weight loss clients; listening, not advising. Training provided. These calls can be scheduled between you and the clients, 15-minute calls, and followup note-taking.
Amazing phone and client information management skills :-)
1) Call massage clients to followup on appointments and reschedule (1-2 hours/day)
2) Receive calls when they come in, book a massage appointment and text the practitioner.
3) 15-minute guidance calls (out) to weight loss clients, scheduled by you, at a convenient time for you, and a few minutes of followup notes. Probably a lot of working with me on creative solutions here.
4) transfer client list from gmail to Salesforce and help set up a scaleable system for tracking client progress, appointments, sales, etc.

ConsejoSano is seeking a Social Media Assistant to help with marketing and PR efforts.

The Social Media Assistant will help create content and maintain various social media accounts for ConsejoSano, a mobile app and online service for Hispanics providing 24/7 access to doctors who speak Spanish. ConsejoSano's "call-a-doctor" and "video-chat-with-a-doctor" services provide users with linguistically relevant, personalized health advice. Social media will be a key marketing strategy for ConsejoSano. The Social Media Assistant will work with Project Managers and Marketing team to create relevant and engaging posts on company social media accounts. 

Work from home PT for Forensic Psychiatrist, with weekly pickups/dropoffs of work on Peninsula.
Willing to help organize home office/records and get caught up initially.
Must live in 650 area code.
Transcribe written and recorded office notes, medical and legal documents and correspondence.
Excellent computer skills, including form creation. PROFICIENT in Mac strongly preferred.
Electronic and paper medical and legal documents. Conversion from paper files to electronic medical records. Scan paper documents into electronic charts. Keep e-files current and correct.
Prepare/send retainer agreements/follow-up to ensure timely payment and communicate with attorneys/clients.
Must have outstanding abilities for organization, filing, maintenance of patient/client/doctor/attorney/case data base.
Prepare case binders, deposition and medical record summaries.

City CarShare is seeking energetic, friendly, customer-oriented staff to support our members during evenings, weekends and overnight. The Contract On-Call Support positions provide immediate assistance to car sharing members who need service and urgent help during our non-business hours. This position is perfect for students and people with part-time jobs eager to add a little income.
On-Call Support staff work from their homes, in most cases, and answer 'emergency line' calls after hours. Duties include:
- Providing members with assistance on vehicle access, use, technology and mechanical issues, as well as finding solutions for service problems, accidents and other emergency situations.
- When necessary, On-Call Associates dispatch road-side assistance.
On-Call Associates may receive a varying number of calls during any shift, generally between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am the next morning, or 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for day shifts. In general 10-40 calls can be expected during any given shift. During these times, the On-Call Associate is required to be available via phone and have a stable high-speed internet connection in order to access City CarShare systems
part-time  telecommuting okay
I am looking for a Bookkeeper who is proficient in Quickbooks, Accounting, and Payroll.
I have owned my own bookkeeping business for over 20 years, and need someone able to jump in and help without training.
This would be perfect for an individual who has limited mobility, as we only need to meet a couple times per month.

We have been providing first class service to our customers for over 25 years. We continue to grow and expand our customer base by being the best at what we do and deliver to our customers. Come and join the most dynamic company in the vending business!
We are seeking enthusiastic and proactive applicants for our Accountant/Bookkeeper position The ideal candidate will have an Accounting (or closely related) diploma at least, possess general ledger and bookkeeping experience, and desire to work in a mission-driven organization.

We need a book-keeper to maintain our books. 
Task includes:
1. Importing data from bank & credit card accounts into QuickBooks
2. Correctly categorizing expenses into various expense accounts, Classes and/or income accounts
3. Producing monthly reports for executives such as Balance sheets, P&L etc.
4. The data has to be uploaded & entered once a week each week. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Write Your Night Away Sweepstakes

Found another giveaway that is perfect for the work at home community from our friends at Budget Earth  

Dream of being an author? How about a blogger? Make writing or just playing on Facebook more with a brand new Dell Insiron i3531-1200BK Laptop! One very lucky winner will win this awesome laptop to make writing easier! Giveaway open Worldwide but winners outside the US will receive cash equivalent. contest ends on August 28th  

iPad Mini or $250 Visa Gift Card Contest for Bloggers

Enter the Olanola Viral Blogging Contest to create and share great content for a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini or a $250 Visa Gift Card. All entrants can also to join our syndication program to gain up to 300% more traffic to their blog or website.  contest end on September 12th 2014 

Enter this Contest at Olanola

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Freelance writing and blogging jobs August 15th

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You’ll produce blogs on a variety of different topics, following general and open-ended instructions. Each article will be between 750-1000 words, and we pay $15 for each one accepted.

How I pay for Christmas!  

News Writers
Writing news stories and original content for the website:

• Ideate on headlines, original content and display
• Actively research viable content through internal and external resources
• Focusing on making the site more interactive.
• Establishing quality benchmarks and produce optimal content
• Tracking news, monitoring competition
• -Ensuring news team meets page view and unique targets 

We are looking for a professional writer with Web Design and WordPress experience to create high quality resources and tutorials on our blog. Your posts would be WordPress and Web Design related, so you would need to have years of experience in this field. Someone who has been, or is currently a freelance web developer would be perfect for this position. Creating resource for our community will often require coding experience. 

SmartMom is friendly, safe community for moms to ask rather other questions and get fast, helpful answers, straight to their phone. We also run a blog where we address issues that are important to moms.

We're looking to hire writers for the blog who are also active in the SmartMom community! We'd love to cover topics on the blog that we know moms are discussing in the community. 

I'm looking for someone who can write content for a commercial real estate site. We'd start with two pieces of content per week and you will be provided templates for the various types of posts that would be needed. Word counts can vary from 200 to 400 words with nothing longer than that.

- Previous blogging experience
- Excellent writing skills
- Understanding on the differences between active and passive voice
- Ability to research
- Ability to take content and build on it

Growing Executive Resume Writing Company seeking seasoned Executive Resume Writer for a high volume of resume assignments. 

Must have experience in creating resumes for clients in healthcare, IT, Engineering, Sales, Oil/Gas, Industrial and Financial Services industries. 

Must be able to craft resumes quickly and succinctly - no client contact required. 

Weekly pay ranging from $500 to $1500 depending on volume. If it takes you more than 2 hours to write a resume, this is not the job for you. 

Simple...I need a very good article/post/content writer with excellent SEO knowledge and skills to write for various websites, blogs, etc.

The focus of pretty much all of my content is diet/weight loss and skincare/beauty in the US and UK. Product reviews and the ability to "sell" products with your writing is essential.

That's it. I have a ton of ongoing work for you, and I pay well for it. I want you to bring your creativity and ideas to every article you write, and have fun with it.

So, this would be an ongoing project with no real end in sight.

One of our healthcare clients in metro Detroit is looking for a freelance Web Writer to join their team in an ongoing capacity and to assist with communications and web writing projects. This person will be writing content for blogs, newsletters, websites, etc.

seeking a Copywriter to join their team for a quick freelance gig. The qualified candidate will be writing a traditional press release for the agency client

We're looking for qualified individuals to help us create exceptional high school math preparation content--with a focus on statistics and probability--for our online learning platform. You'll be helping students across the country boost their statistics and probability skills.

• Item-writing for practice sets
• Helping us create an online tutorial with lessons, review, and practice

Interested candidates should have:
• Great writing and editing skills; previous content development experience a plus
• Bachelor's degree or higher in math, statistics, or other related areas
• Teaching and/or tutoring experience

Send us a brief cover letter introducing yourself along with your resume.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Adminstrative Work at home telecommuting job leads August 13th

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A small, women-owned and -operated meeting planning business located just outside Washington, DC seeks a part-time Meeting Planner/Registrar. The business has been providing comprehensive services for meetings, workshops, conferences, and events for a wide range of clients in venues across the United States since 1994.

Elance - Work Local. Staff Global.
Apply for jobs at Elance 

This is a part-time, contract position for approximately 20 hours per week. The bulk of the Meeting Planner/Registrar's work can be completed remotely, but the Planner will be expected to attend periodic staff meetings in the Bethesda area and be available for occasional travel. Whoever fills the position will be an integral member of the meeting planning staff, providing logistics services and acting as customer service registrar for online conference registrations. Job responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

*Managing online registration for conference attendees utilizing proprietary web based management system
*Providing customer service with timely responses to email and telephone inquiries;
*Coordinating conference materials;
*Assisting with onsite staffing of registration desk at multi day meetings both locally and out of town

Harvard Risk Management Corporation is currently seeking Part Time Virtual Recruiting Assistants to assist us with short and long term recruitment objectives. Permanent opportunities are available to those who perform at a satisfactory level.

Must have basic computer skills including typing, web browsing and emailing.

Daily tasks include but are not limited to:

* Updating and posting ad content for our agency openings throughout an assigned region.

* Responding to candidates via email and coordinating interviews with hiring managers

* Following up with accepted candidates and facilitating/scheduling their training with a manager

* Compliance with our standardized recruitment practices

Are you a talented individual looking for a part time job that will give you REAL ownership and responsibilities and the flexibility to work on a part time basis?

A part-time Administrative (Business) Assistant / Personal Assistant job is available with GS Consulting and Communications, INC., a business process reengineering company and Sideline Prep, LLC, a professional cheer and dance consulting company -- both in Bowie, MD. Both of these companies are home-based businesses located at the same site. If selected, you will enjoy a fun, relaxed work environment that is a combination of on-site hours and telecommuting. This position will require approximately 15 to 20 hours per week. If you are a self-motivated person with creative ideas and drive, this position is for you. If you have a background in the cheer/dance, fitness, makeup, health, and/or personal appearance industries, it's a PLUS!

Must return phone calls from potential sellers and screen sellers for motivation
Must be proficient in Podio, entering both sellers and buyers into podio
Pull addresses from Public Records to collect information about houses, square footage, assessed value, ect...
Must be able to run comps on houses
Must be able to estimate repair budgets
Must be able to email contracts
Must be able to communicate with title office/set up escrow
Must be able to create postlets to advertise properties
Must be able to use craigslist both for finding potential sellers and to post ads
Must be able to develop a buyers list 
Must order postcards and yellow letters on a regular basis using click to mail or yellow letters or yellow letters complete for a marketing campaign. 
Must be able to use podio to assign tasks to other team members
Must be able to update website
Must be knowlegeable in the wholesale process 

Virtual Assistant to help me manage incoming calls and emails, schedule events, and help me stay on top of all of my obligations.

- Data analysis/entry into Excel, Word or other programs
- Research using the Internet or other information databases
- Outbound calling to clients, vendors or others
- Travel planning and coordination 
- Email management
- Other miscellaneous tasks that can be performed online

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Real Work at Home Telecommuting job leads August 12th

This position is based in Atlanta, GA.
The Executive Admin Assistant works as part of a team supporting Senior Managers with all administrative services, such as calendar management and meeting scheduling in Outlook, event scheduling and oversight, travel arrangements, expense reimbursement processing, colleague onboarding and offboarding, budget and supplies tracking, invoice processing, taking minutes. 
Organizes and maintains accurate records and files, including those of a highly confidential nature
Manages incoming information and communication flows, action items and follow up
Creates and works with SharePoint sites, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and updates org charts and workflow documents in Visio
Assist in arranging large colleague meetings or events
Has the ability to organize and prioritize work with attention to detail
Enables the Team to function effectively with all HR and administrative tasks
Assists the Leadership and the supporting S&A function with administrative tasks which will include ad hoc requests and special projects

Reservations Representatives sell American Airlines service to prospective customers by answering incoming calls and assisting customers in reaching satisfactory solutions to their travel related needs.  They apply sales techniques while providing schedules, fare and flight information to our customers in a manner that meets the standards of high customer service as outlined in training and the call handling guidelines.  
This position allows you to work from your home office but will require you to remain at your workstation for extended periods of time.  American Airlines is a 24-hour operation.  The Miami Homebased Representative (HBR) position requires shift work currently covering the hours from 6:00a.m. to 1:00a.m.  Schedules will likely include weekends, holidays, day and evening shifts, and could vary throughout the year. 
Candidates must attend an initial eight (8) week training class and will be required to train from the American Airlines Miami International Airport Cargo facility. 

The Operations Lead is responsible for day-to-day operational activities as it relates to queue management in Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) for deficiency management and assists with daily management for release of information (ROI) vendor relationship and activities.

Duties Include But Are Not Limited To
. Provides general direction to Incomplete Record Analysts in management of work
queues and work processes
. Approximately 50% of time is spent reviewing medical record documentation in HPF, and when appropriate, creating and assigning to the necessary provider(s) dictation, signature and missing text deficiencies for completion
. As determined by established work queue prioritization, actively manages the various analysis HPF work queues
. Assists Operations Manager in review and improvement of processes and services
. Reports to the supervisor periodically on team and individual work accomplishments, problems, progress in mastering tasks and work processes, and individual and team training needs
. Assists the Operations Manager in capturing deficiency management staff productivity and quality measures
. Assists in employee training and development
. Assists in the execution of physician notification processes regarding medical record documentation deficiency, delinquency and suspension
. Assists Operations Manager in quality control monitoring and reporting
. Adheres to documented and established workflow guidelines as it relates to adding and re-assigning accounts to work queues
. Identifies document(s) needing to be re-scanned when image quality is poor and routes the account to the appropriate work queue for processing
. Addresses physician and other provider concerns/questions relating to medical record completion
. Assists in the execution of physician notification processes regarding medical record documentation deficiency, delinquency and suspension
. Maintains or exceeds established productivity and quality standards
. Promptly reports issues or trends to the Operations Manager
. Practices and adheres to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and the “Mission and Value Statement”
. Other duties as assigned hosts online obituary sections for newspapers.  Each of these obituaries includes an online Guest Book where friends and family can submit messages to express their condolences or share their memories.  The primary task of this position is to read these messages before they are posted online to ensure that inappropriate or offensive material does not appear in the Guest Book.

All shifts are Central time:
2pm – 6pm         Sunday –Thursday
2pm – 6pm         Tuesday – Saturday
2pm – 6pm         Friday – Monday
6pm – 10pm       Sunday – Thursday
6pm – 10pm       Tuesday – Saturday

Telecommuting requirements
You must meet all telecommuting requirements in order to apply:
·        A personal computer (minimum OSX 10.6 or Windows XP);
·        High-speed Internet access (cable, DSL) installed in the home
·        Note: for speed and reliability of connection, as well as security reasons, hotspot connections and wireless routers are not acceptable
·        Must not have any conflicting responsibilities during shifts such as being the primary caregiver for a young child or an elderly person
·        Residency in Illinois or Indiana only.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Work at home telecommuting job leads August 11th

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Varsity Tutors, a premier home tutoring service with 3000 tutors in over 25 cities, is seeking a Tutoring Sales Director. We offer a competitive base salary + monthly bonuses + healthcare + $2000 technology allowance + 52 hours of free tutoring (for you or your family). Only online applications will be considered. No calls, please.
USA Contact Point  with placement in Illinois provides phone support to various clients through sales, customer service, surveys, and much more! USA Contact Point has work from home Customer Service and Retention positions available in Illinois. Looking for a part-time position to bring in extra money or a full time gig? Then this position is for you! Enjoy a telecommuting position that gives you 100% control over how much and what times you work! We all work to live, but we shouldn't have to live to work. With USA Contact Point, you choose the hours and days that are best for you from your home in Illinois.

Job Highlights:
* 1099 Contract
* Work From Home/Telecommute from your home in IL
* Starting at .18/per minute talk time, which translates to over $10/per hour
* Pay advancement and bonuses.
* Flexible schedule (you pick your slots in one hour increments)
* 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
* Incentives for individuals who can work after 4pm EST
* Performance Based Routing - the better you are the more calls you get

If you have excellent phone skills and the ability to speak professionally, the Wendover Corporation's Market Research Department can use your skills! Working as an at home Market researcher for Wendover offers you the flexibility to make your own schedule, and work part or full time.

Vis-Home offers visual services to the Real Estate industry by scheduling technicians to photograph and measure floorplans of real estate listings.

Vis-Home is seeking a Scheduling Coordinator to join our team for a part-time position to help us arrange scheduling and answer customer service issues via email and phone.
You will be trained at our office in Lakeview, but will be expected to telecommute from your home. A phone will be provided to you, but it is necessary for you to have a computer with an internet connection at your home office.
This position is considered as a long term contract, and payment will be submitted via 1099.
The hours of work are 10-4pm OR 9-3pm, Mon-Thurs.

Are you an experienced telemarketer/ appointment setter looking for PT or FT work making calls from your home?
Want to help sell the hottest products and services - online reputation management and marketing - to small business customers who desperately need what we have to offer?
Looking for the ultimate in flexibility and compensation based on your performance, not just the number of hours you work?

Looking for a bookkeeper that knows Quick books inside and out. This can be a 3 day per week job that can grow into a full time job. We are a home building company. Please have some experience in this industry. Please this other qualifications. Web design, marketing, ect. Please send resume.

The tasks are to research, identify and link to content to test a new website by utilizing sign-up capabilities for new members, creating individual memberships and have them create profiles, research and find articles and videos of interest for the website and upload and / or link to the content, , post messages to their wall and utilize the functionality of the Co-op member home page.