Friday, August 08, 2014

Freelance writing and blogging jobs August 8th

The SF Globe (, which launched in Jan 2014, is one of the fastest growing media sites online with over 50 million monthly unique visitors. Our mission is to provide the best content worth seeing on the internet. We do that by hand curating the best stories and redistributing it through our network. Our topic base is very broad, and we intend on broadening it in the future. 

We are seeking a full-time, in-house Editor that can join our company and help take it to the next level. First, we require the Editor to be a talented SF Globe Writer. In addition to being a good writer, an SF Globe Writer must be able to learn skills associated with finding and identifying high quality content as well as skills necessary for viral marketing and packaging that content for distribution to millions (e.g. viral headline creation and testing) . Once the Editor has successfully mastered those skills, the primary responsibility of the Editor would be to recruit and manage a team of SF Globe Writers. 

We are a soon-to-be-launched crowdsourced blogging platform and are looking for multiple freelance bloggers. We are looking for bloggers to contribute articles and posts about Iowa tourism. Write about the beauty, the culture, the restaurants, the uniqueness, the events, or simply the people of Iowa! The sky's the limit! 

Experienced holistic health advocate and researcher need for special project. 

In need of detailed and credible research and organization of data on the presence of heavy metal toxins in general food, products and water supply. 

The end result will be a document that will serve as a resource for thousands of natural health enthusiasts. Document will be promoted on one of the most visited natural health websites in the world. 

Must be committed to natural health. Must not be an advocate of big pharma, big food, big government or big business. 

Pay is $20/hr as ghost researcher/writer. $10/hr if you want to be mentioned in the document, which will be downloaded by thousands of natural health enthusiasts. 

Writer has existing WordPress website with domain name but in process of complete facelift and needs changes done and instructions followed correctly:

1. The mock-ups for what I want it to look like are completely done, (PDF version attached just to illustrate what is needed and with job will get the correct files).
2. Must be knowledgeable in Adobe and graphic design to interpret designs, as well as development, coding, programming for complete functionality
3. Needs a mobile responsive design
4. Currently my website is on, so that will need to be moved in order to accommodate this new design and uploaded to a different server and maintained

I need 8 articles a day , 500 words each and 48 articles a week for 6 days a week. Articles are on a wide range of topics and therefore i need a writer who can write on a wide range of topics.Must be able to write in native English. Original content is a must and must delivered as per agreed. I need someone who can start right away. 

Looking for subject matter experts and content developers for courses relating to Accounting, Budget Creation, Budget Execution, Internal Controls, Financial Analysis, Financial Ethics, Civilian Payroll, Financial Operations, etc. 

Ideally experience developing Financial Management courses for the Department of Defense or other government agencies would be excellent particularly content for courses that have been certified. 

Academic question writer

Review course material provided, in multiple forms (text, video, graphs), and create/write multiple choice and T/F questions from this course material. 

UrbanBound is growing at a rapid pace and is looking for Freelance writers to add to our catalog of hyperlocal content. Freelance Writers for UrbanBound use their expertise and insider’s perspective to create content that acclimates fresh and soon-to-be-fresh residents to their new home cities

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