Friday, September 19, 2014

Freelance writing and blogging work at home jobs Sept 19th

Our soon-to-be-launched kickstarter is going live on the 29th of September with offer for amazing winter product that, trust me, will make your life easier, and probably save you a few broken credit cards. We’re looking for great writers who have a friendly editorial style, can produce original content for our readers and launch. 

What we’re looking for: 
1. Press Release: we need content writers to create a press release with connections to sites such as Huffington Post, Think Geek, NY times, Gizmag, Mashable, etc… It can be posted under your name as a submission; you-post-what-you-write so to speak. We will also use such press release as needed throughout our campaign. Needs be between 200 - 300 words. 

2. Blogger: We need bloggers who have their own established blogs and/or guest blog at other blogs. We want to promote, inspire, motivate backers and share this awesome product. In short, expert bloggers who can write something on the product and distribute on their audiences. 

 We are seeking the services of a superb wordsmith to create content for our roster of fashion, wellbeing and home clients. 

The opportunity: 
- Regular ongoing stream of work 
- Up to ten articles a week 
- Write for some of the best known Australian and international brands. 

The criteria: 
- English as a first language is essential. 
- A fun, engaging, informative and interesting tone. 
- Ability to undertake research and source relevant images, icons, data etc to deliver a ready to post content 
- Experience writing for fashion sites or blogs

We're looking for writers to take existing real estate listings and rewrite the property descriptions and headlines. 

In this task, we will provide an existing listing. You will simply read it, understand it, then re-write it in your own words. 

- The listings range from 200-400 words. 
- They will be provided in batches of 10. 
- If it works out for you, we have hundreds of homes to write. 

We are looking for a blogger that can write 1,500 to 2,500 word in-depth data driven and actionable blog posts 2x per week on the following topics: Ecommerce marketing (SEO, conversion optimization, PPC, and growth hacking strategies) 

We have been a web design, development, and marketing company in the Austin, Texas area for over 20 years. We are currently seeking an SEO Content Writer to provide fresh, high-quality, engaging content for client websites in writing, publishing, and optimizing content on websites and blogs ..

The position will be responsible for helping to maintain Spring’s voice on all marketing and brand materials across all mediums...Write copy for all of our marketing assets including, but not limited to: email, home pages, advertising, SMS notifications, push notifications and select social media posts 

We are an established dog brand publication looking to hire a few solid freelancers who are intimately familiar with dog nutrition. Experience with vet work is highly desired.

Hiring for the following categories
- Dog nutrition (diet, nutrition.)
- Training, behavior management, etc.
- Exercise, health tips, etc.
- Lifestyle articles related to dogs
The company now has an opening for a freelance investigative business reporter based in the Atlanta area. Ideal applicants will have at least two years' experience as a business reporter, have the ability to probe executives and other sources to really understand a company's strategy, and to produce a steady flow of copy
Write weekly issue of FierceMobileMarketer, including news stories on responsive design, mobile app development, mobile technology, data & analytics, and how to optimize campaigns for mobile. Create 1-2 in-depth features per month .

We are looking for a talented freelance copywriter to craft well-written entries for our growing website. The ideal candidate will have considerable knowledge of baseball history. The entries should be written with a clean, professional style (light on hyperbole and flair), with flawless grammar and punctuation.

The copywriter will be given facts in bullet point style about a certain event and will be tasked with writing a 1-3 sentence summary of the event. Pay is per entry.

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