Friday, November 14, 2014

Freelance writing and blogging wahm jobs November 14th

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In my 26 years of existence I've started three 8-figure businesses and continue to learn more about business every day. I want to share my experience and knowledge with other young entrepreneurs to help them get ahead and not make the same mistakes I did along the way.

I want content to be written about entrepreneurship, life hacks, having the right mindset, etc.

I will provide topics and even stories about my life to incorporate in the writing. You may not have experienced the things in your life, but teaching through storytelling is always a great way to write content.

Your writing style must have personality and be informative. At the end of each article people should feel like it was a good read and they learned something valuable. 

We are a health and nutrition company that offers whole-food supplements and vitamins.

We are looking for high-caliber freelance writers / bloggers who can help us launch and grow our content marketing efforts through posts on our site as well as guest posting to authority blogs and other news sites.

What We Are Looking For:

- Someone who is knowledgeable and passionate in the areas of health, nutrition and wellness
- Excellent in generating content that can create buzz & attention to our brand
- Having his / her own blog and social followers
- Have existing author accounts on high authority websites is a plus.
- Willing to write at least once a week
- Conducts self-driven research for writing articles and new topic ideas 

is looking for a
Healthy Food Blogger
Category: Corporate/Business
BerryCart is mobile app that health-conscious deal seekers user to find deals on Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and all-around healthy foods.

BerryCart is looking for a blog writer who has a passion for healthy eating and some knowledge in Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Allergen-Free foods. You will write about topics on ingredients (Chia seeds, Acai, Quinua, etc) nutrition, and lifestyle.

2 blog articles per week (500-750 words)are required at a minimum with other potential content writing opportunities., a new site for millennial women, is seeking a Managing Editor. We’re in an exciting stage — our audience is rapidly growing — but we’re missing a content visionary to build and oversee our editorial operation. Are you that person? Here’s who we’re looking for:

- You’ve worked at digital media companies but are looking for something new and exciting. Instead of being one of many in a giant operation, you’re ready to be a leader who sets direction and helps to build something amazing (and get rewarded for it!).

- You understand millennial women and the kind of content this audience appreciates. Whether or not you’re a millennial yourself, you’d enjoy helping to build a brand that millennial women LOVE.

- You’re not just a writer/editor but an excellent manager who can build and oversee a team. You’d enjoy finding talented freelancers and in-house writers to join us.

- You're a lifestyle content junkie. Love/dating/sex, fashion, beauty, happiness, career, celebrity gossip — you love ‘em all. At the same time, you’ve noticed that a lot of what’s out there is repetitive... but you know how to break the mold. 

Seeking a highly skilled, experienced and professional course writer for a online driving course.

You will be provided an existing generic course that you can edit and add content to.

You will be given the required guidelines, topics and subtopics that must be covered. You will also need to write 8-10 quiz questions for each chapter and 500 final exam questions for a test bank. This must be between 30-35k words and the equivalent of a 4 hour course.
F&W Needs a Food & Wine Freelance Writer F&W and T+L digital team is looking for enthusiastic entry-level content producer to create, manage and publish large volumes of newsletter content two days a week. The ideal candidate will have an experience with digital production, and basic knowledge of SEO and best practices for the web. Basic HTML and Photoshop skills are a must

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