Friday, February 20, 2015

Freelancing Writing & Blogging WAHM jobs February 20th

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InstaThis is seeking talented writers to produce DIY blog content utilizing our different products. We want creative professionals who know how to create engaging content that informs, inspires, and entertains.

What we are looking for:
- Self-directed, organized professionals who can work with minimal oversight and meet deadlines
- PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH writing skills (World class level)
- Ability to include high quality imagery of completed projects
- Experience creating this type of content (and can provide examples)
- Have an online presence/audience you can promote your posts to is a bonus

We are greatcontent and we are an online content creation platform looking for high quality writers who can produce excellent webcopy! We currently have a high number of travel topic orders openly available.

These are orders that pay up to 5 cents per word. As each text needs to be 600 words in length at a minimum this means that completing just one of these texts within an hour will earn you $30 for that hour. Once you are used to the platform orders this is quite feasible.

Also, once you have been accepted as a writer for our platform you will have access to a wide selection of new orders that are placed on our platform on a regular basis. These orders are yours to take or leave as you desire, but many of our writers find they can earn a steady income from regularly completing orders for our platform alone.

Hello, I'm looking for someone to write for me about a variety of topics. I would provide most of the topics but I would also like you to learn about my brands and be able to come up with topics and keywords of your own.

I'm open to non native english speakers but your english must be incredible in order for me to consider you.

Seeking a writer familiar with Canadian law and legal terms, primarily personal injury law. Initially, writer will be hired to write website copy - bios, law types, case descriptions, etc. but could turn into a regular contributor if well-versed in what we need. Are you a lawyer or law student looking for extra money? This could be perfect for you.

Interested parties should have experience with Canadian English terms and law website content (not blog posts) that meets SEO and keyword needs. Must have examples to show to be considered. Please do not apply if you do not have experience with these as well as extensive experience writing web copy about legal issues.

Small businesses are the heart of the American economy, but starting one up and keeping it going can be difficult even in the best economic climate. It can be hard to get a loan to start up, regardless of your best ideas, and not having enough capital to bridge over the tough times can be enough to sink someone before they have a chance to do what they do best. We think that's a shame, and we're looking for a writer who can help change that.

Our blog is all about helping small businesses understand their situation and to help them understand the options they have. We believe that providing great information, concisely written and sympathetic to the needs of small business owners can drive an economy and let incredible ideas flourish. When innovators get a chance, we all win. 

Freelance writers needed to draft expert testimonials for fine artists on behalf of experts such as curators, art critics, gallerists and other artists. Clients will also occasionally include professionals in such fields as architecture, fashion, design, photography and music.

This is a long-term position, part-time and telecommuting. Applicants from outside of New York are welcome.

Best applicants will have extensive professional (or otherwise) writing experience, including writing on culture and a liberal arts degree from top school. In addition to writing talent, applicant should have knowledge of and involvement with contemporary culture, as well as familiarity with art history and major figures and institutions in the art world. In addition to discussing art, applicant should be able to approach the same subject in five different ways for five separate testimonials--the job is essentially writing multiple critical essays on the same topic.

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