Sunday, February 08, 2015

How to Get Started With Work at Home Medical Billing & Coding Jobs

Medical billing and coding  is  often a popular work from home type of job, but like many other telecommute opportunities, getting started is a challenge. Many companies advertise medical billing jobs that can be done from home, but more often than not, these companies ask you to purchase something. So how can you find real  medical billing from home jobs? 

Here's a few tips to get you started.

Start with the Right Skills
Medical billing, coding and transcription positions require a college degree or certification, so start there if you haven't already. While building the right skills, make sure you are networking since building relationships with instructors and classmates can prove invaluable in the future. Check with the school you studied with—many offer assistance with job placement.  University of Phoenix and Kaplan have medical billing and coding courses that you can do online or in person.  

Do not pay for the job!

If an employer asks for money, this should always be a red flag. Employers shouldn't be asking for money --they should be paying you. There may be financial investment in getting the right software, but pick up what you need from a company that doesn't offer a “too good to be true” job along with it.  

Work in hospital or doctor's office first 

Many employers require their staff to start in-house but offer telecommuting flexibility further down the road after  the relationship is established. Check your local classifieds and job listings for opportunities in the area that could lead to telecommuting opportunities.

Contact Medical offices directly 

Create a list of medical offices near you and give them a call, or better yet drop your resume off in person. Ask if they're hiring, and even if they aren't they may be impressed with your initiative enough to keep your information on file.

Working in medical billing can be a rewarding career that allows you to work from home. Never pay anyone for a job—it's likely not a legitimate opportunity. Instead, ask connections from your schooling or certification studies, consider starting at an in-house position, contact local 

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