Friday, March 06, 2015

Freelance writing and blogging wahm jobs March 6th

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Are you a freelance writer that is looking to get your name out? Do you specialize in writing reviews of films, music, movies, etc.? Do you specialize in blogging about politics? Do you specialize in Sportswriting and reporting? Do you specialize in news reporting, in general? Do you know how to discover news that’s about to go viral and reporting on that news?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we might have an opportunity for you.

Lotsa Helping Hands is the easiest way to organize support for a loved one. To date, friends and family of loved ones have created 100K caregiving communities to help ease the burden of accidents, cancer diagnosis, elderly care and so much more. Once a Lotsa community is created, people have the option to use our custom Help Calendar to coordinate tasks like delivering meals, offering rides, volunteering for visits etc. Additionally, communities are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on a loved one's status, share photos and send words of encouragement!

We are looking for a freelance writer with experience writing for fashion blogs, clothing and eyewear companies, and department stores. The ideal writer should be able to write authoritatively on both women and men’s (of all ages) fashion and be in tune with general fashion trends and pop culture. The writer should also be a creative chameleon with the ability to write in any client’s voice while always sounding professional and informed.
As a writer for our client(s), you must be able to take assigned topics, perform research, and write comprehensive and educational batches of content. The ideal candidate will be able to write in a voice that is easy to read and understand, and provides useful and pertinent information about the client and their services. Additionally, we are looking for a writer who meets deadlines and follows instructions. No exceptions.

We are looking for passionate and talented Expert Writers to join our content team. As the leading portal for Checklist templates, we are constantly looking to cover more checklist topics. We believe that most goals we have set to achieve can be broken down into a list of tasks to follow. We are looking for people who love being productive and want to share their “life hacks”. This is a part time freelance position. Schedule your own time and simply be productive!

Love to edit? Love to write? Understand technology? Let's talk!
MailerMailer is looking for a highly organized Content Manager to edit, write and manage technology articles (data backup, cloud computing, data security, other IT topics). If you want to be appreciated for your hard work, attention to detail, and editing/writing superpowers, we want to talk to you.
Fast forward one year from today. You will have helped us:
* Hire and manage a team of part-time or freelance writers. This will include researching where to find new writers, contacting them, conducting interviews, determining level of qualification, conducting preliminary screening/testing of written aptitude, reviewing article submission, tracking progress on all writing projects and providing feedback to the writer.
* Create and aggregate content ideas.
* Create a backlog of article topics.
* Distribute work weekly to roster of writers based on these article topics.
* Discover industry web sites for generating content ideas.
* Research and determine which web resources carry the latest relevant stories.
* Create automated alerts to identify urgent story topics.
* Commission such articles to release to our clients within 24 hours of the story breaking.
* Perform final edits of selected articles, evaluating for content (eventually fact check as you build up your domain knowledge), style and tone.

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