Thursday, April 02, 2015

March 2015 work at home job income report

I  get a lot of questions about am I am really making money online. I think it is important that you can make money while working at home without  MLM or direct sales. 

I want to start tracking each month for my readers how much money I am making at home doing call center work and some of my other gigs.   Due to Non disclosure agreements I signed  I am not comfortable in saying which call centers I am working making  this money. 

Call Center work I track by the number of hours I am logged in and taking calls.   Some call centers pay a flat hourly rate and some pay only on sales and other pay per talk time.  

During March  I focused on getting back into phone work. After a   I made sure that I did 20 hours a week.  I gave myself a schedule and worked some overnight hours to make sure I did it.  Coffee helps!!   

My husband and I have also started gotten into a bit of credit card debt so I need to focus on getting that paid off.   April I will try to hit 80 hours a week it will be tough since my kids are n spring break Easter week. 

Call Center work   (click to see which companies hire call center workers) 

Time work  80  hours 
Pay $968
Average pay per hour  $12.11

Elance (now Upwork)  and other short task work including mturk -aka non phone work 

Pay  $450

I am not including anything from any  survey and rewards programs as to me those are just extras and I usually save them up for Christmas.  

Gross Total  $1418
Expenses  Landline phone and Internet  $100 

Net Total   $1318


Chris H said...

Thank you for the interesting post. I started reporting my online earnings on a monthly post on my blog, Right now my only earnings are through Internet marketing on my blogs, both of which are less than three months old, so the amount of money earned is minuscule. Hopefully, over time my earnings and traffic will increase on my blogs.

I have done freelance transcription work as well on Elance as well as with a couple of private companies with some success.

Answering phone calls out of my home is something that appeals to me. I'll have to figure out if there are companies like this that hire Canadians.

I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts.

Admin said...

Chris Thanks for stopping on by! I am not sure which call center companies are hiring in Cananda. It is good work and I know I can easily make dependable money when I do it.