Friday, May 01, 2015

Freelancing and Blogging work at home jobs May 1st

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I am looking to hire an awesome writer who can take blog posts and turn them into: content upgrades (such as short guides, resources, checklists, etc)

I am looking for someone who is very creative and who take existing work and turn it into an awesome resource!  

We're looking for exceptional personal development bloggers for an upcoming self-improvement/psychology blog.

Articles should have between 500-1200 words (about 750-1000 words is ideal). They should convey valuable how-to content with practical advice (actionable tips a reader can implement right away) in a fresh, engaging and approachable voice.

In addition to sharing your personal experience, articles should refer to scientific studies or other credible sources.

Each article should come with a list of three or so bullet points summarizing its key takeaways (they will be published along with the article).

Our goal is to help our readers live a disciplined life - build new habits, become more self-disciplined and persistent and reach their goals. We're all about results. Meandering, wishy-washy, regurgitated content is NOT what we're looking for.

We’re looking for a seasoned blogger to write high-quality educational blog posts on topics like staffing, placement and recruiting services within finance and accounting.

The most important thing we’re looking for is the ability of the writer to capture the client’s voice. You should have a copywriting/direct response background, understand the value of good copy and understand how to incorporate the client’s voice and tone into each blog post.

This is an ongoing job so you’ll be writing 2 posts each month.
(500-600 words per article.)

Our blog content process is different so PLEASE READ:
1. We've already created the topics and post titles (You don't have to.)
2. We interview the client about each post to get the content in their voice.
3. We transcribe the interview (if needed) and use the client's responses for content for the blog post.

compensation: $100-150 per resume package (monthly compensation $2-4K)
Your Edge for Success (YES) LLC invites applications and nominations for the position of resume writer.
Flexible, part- or full-time contract position for work on as-needed basis (20-40 hours per week depending on your and the work's availability).
You may be located anywhere in the world where you have excellent Internet availability.
You must have or be willing to obtain within two months of contract start date a certification as a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
No non-compete requirement.
Major Responsibilities
Work with clients by email to come up with quantified accomplishments to include on resume.
Draft resumes (both regular and federal), cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for assigned clients in all career fields.
Follow YES templates and instructions precisely.
Almost all clients will provide data needed by Internet; a few will be interviewed by you for an additional fee.
Incorporate keywords from job listings for which they will apply.
Provide requested revisions and answer client questions after furnishing drafts.

compensation: $50/article - guaranteed pay within two weeks of publication
Loner Magazine (.com) is looking to hire four new writers, part-time for paid work. Must have professional experience, prefer writers who already have experience writing for publications, major publications ideal. $50/article, guaranteed to receive payment within two weeks of publication. Writers are allowed to choose their subject matter and opinion, although we are especially seeking writers who would love to cover a political or environmental beat.

Loner was founded in Feb. 2015, currently switching its format from releasing full issues once every two weeks to daily content. A cultural magazine from the lens of the modern, 20-something, millennial perspective, highlighting but not limited to the defining topics of our day - tech, environment, social issues etc. You do not have to be a millennial to write for this magazine. Our mission is to make a contribution, provide a resource, re-brand "millennial" and foster engagement and change. We offer the opportunity to be a part of the beginning of what will be a big magazine.

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