Monday, February 24, 2014

Work at home Telecommuting job Feb 24th

 Mandarin (Chinese) Transcriptionist (Home)

Administrative Claim Service, Inc. (ACS) is located in Winchester, MA. ACS services the insurance industry with recordings, transcriptions and interpreting. We currently have an immediate opening for a Chinese (Mandarin) speaking transcriptionist. The successful candidate can work at home and possess excellent English writing skills. Transcription assignments received must be completed and returned to ACS through our proprietary Transcript System within 2 business days. Trancriptionists are paid based upon the number of pages typed. The current rate of pay is $3.25 per page.

If you have a successful and proven track record in sales, we encourage you to apply for
a position as an Enrollment Coordinator with the nation's leading provider of reading skills

As an Enrollment Coordinator, you will earn commissions on the students you enroll, and
have the opportunity to make $500 - $1,000 per week. In addition, you will:

* Handle only qualified, inbound calls from moms and dads--there is no cold calling
* Have the opportunity to earn weekly bonuses
* Receive comprehensive paid training & extensive support
* Work as part of a supportive and professional sales team from home, or from our
Novato, CA headquarters
* Help students of all ages build reading skills and develop a lifelong love of reading 

We are a legal content writing firm that produces material for individual law firms to help the general public understand basic legal concepts, legal issues, and news.

We are in need of individuals for a unique, work-from-home writing position. The ideal candidates will have legal experience (either in law school or attorneys) and feel comfortable using a range of blogging tools: like Wordpress, Blogger, and Moveable Type.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) familiarity is a plus (but not required).

The most important quality is the ability to write/edit well, sharing complex legal issues accurately for the public.

In most cases writers will be asked to create 500 word blog posts or other short pieces for use by law firms. Writers may be asked to find new, interesting, relevant blog topics on their own--perfect for those who are news junkies or follow other legal blogs. 

Senior Web (Ruby) Developer (Austin, TX)

Tugg launched at SXSW in 2012 and has since facilitated over 2000 events in all 50 states and abroad. Tugg is head quartered in the beautiful hills of Austin, Texas but has recently expanded to several remote offices. We have big ideas and are looking to expand our already great team!

Tugg is a platform that enables people to choose the films that play in their local theaters as well as to promote their own events. Our experienced team helps guide anyone from a first time promoter to someone hosting their 100th Tugg event on the path to creating a successful screening.

As Tugg continues to disrupt the way films are released in theaters, we are also growing the platform to become a major player in entertainment e-commerce. From the sale of Video on Demand, DVDs, and merchandise, to a broad offering of curated products from makers around the world, Tugg is building tools to make it easy for content owners, influencers, brands and fans to collaborate under one roof to know and grow their audience more vigorously than ever before.

Our company helps small attorneys market themselves.

A big part of what we do is to conduct audio interviews
of our attorney clients, and have them transcribed.

The transcriptions need to be edited, to take out what I call
"artifacts of conversation" - which are ums, uhs, yeahs and
run-on or gibberish sentences that occur
during normal conversation.

During the interviews, sometimes questions are answered
out of order, so as you revise them, you may need to
re-sort the questions so the interview flows properly.

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