Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Work at home taking calls

Nicole St. Julien-Thomas is hard at work with her full-time job at home.

"I take calls for stranded motorists who are members of AAA," she says.

St. Julien-Thomas found the job through WillowCSN, a company which provides virtual call center services. That means she takes customer calls at her own home using her own phone and computer.

Angie Selden is WillowCSN's CEO.

"The Willow home agent model is a great idea for people who are looking for flexibility and the ability to earn money during the times of the day that fit into their personal schedule," says Selden.

That's because St. Julien-Thomas and other agents work when they want to.

"I think working from home is like a dream job for a lot of people," says St. Julien-Thomas. "It's just perfect. You set your own hours, you're free to come and go."

Michele Mulqueeney works from home, too. She works for the IRS, dealing with tax form requests.

She was hired by a company that specializes in jobs for people with disabilities. Mulqueeney has multiple sclerosis and found it difficult to work outside the home.

"I couldn't drive anymore," she says. "And just getting up, getting showered and dressed, I would be exhausted."

Mulqueeney works part-time, putting in about 28 hours a week. "It really is wonderful, it's relieved me financially," she says.

Applicants are screened and training is provided by the company. All you need is a computer with a broadband connection, a telephone and a friendly voice.

Now keep in mind, benefits are not included in these types of jobs, but the flexibility allows for more freedom, especially if you're juggling work and freedom.

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