Thursday, September 21, 2006

Telecommuting changing the way we work

Telecommuting’ is changing the way we live and work

New work-life trends are rapidly emerging thanks to technology and the digital revolution.

Given the stresses of today’s ‘commuter reality’ in our larger cities; chronic traffic congestion, the rapidly rising cost of fuel, parking hassles, more of our own precious time wasted just getting to our places of work - is it any wonder more and more people are joining this revolution and choosing to work from home?

Whatever way you look at ‘Telecommuting’, a term reportedly coined by a Los Angeles consultant to describe this new phenomenon, broadband is offering people new choices in the way they live and work, around the world.

For example, new evidence has recently emerged in the UK to suggest more and more people will soon be working away from the office. More than 2.1 million Brits already work from home and around 8 million more spend at least some of their working week in their homes instead of at the office, according to the UK, Office of National Statistics.

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