Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Dad looks for a work at home job

Many Dads want to work at home! Watch the video from and the story ABC Good Morning America

Seven-month-old Jacob Johnson is his parents' pride and joy.
Like so many new arrivals, though, his birth has meant huge changes for mom and dad, Erin and Matt.

The biggest change is about to come. After months of talking and going over their budgets, the Johnsons realized they didn't want to put their son in day care or with nannies.

"I feel it's important that a family member be involved in the day-to-day care-taking," Erin said. Matt works as a plumber; Erin has a job as a manager for 3-M, with much better benefits and pay.

"It didn't make much sense for me to quit because basically we couldn't sustain a family on just Matt's income," Erin said.

So while Matt is looking forward to lots of time to bond with his son, he's hoping he can find some part-time work with a flexible schedule to bring in a little extra money as a cushion for the family's tight budget.

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