Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work a home telecommuting job leads Apr 25th

The leading strategy firm in the expectant and new parent space is looking for a highly organized, energetic and motivated self-starter to join our team as a Media Manager. The ideal candidate needs to be equal parts PR smarts, social media savvy, social intelligence, and engaging energy . A high level of creativity, likability and organization is a must -- as well as confidence interacting with editors, clients and our industry in general. We handle a carefully currated list of top-tier clients including foundations, media and manufacturers within our highly vertical space. Key projects will include traditional and social media partnership development/ pitching, social media strategy and promotion, influencer and blogger relations and database management.
Administrative Assistant (Washington, D.C.)
Former Congressman and Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is looking for an Administrative Assistant to assist in drafting correspondences, managing scheduling, set up conference calls, and answer phones. The position is part-time and is remote "work from home," in Washington, D.C. Compensation is $15 per hour, with no benefits. Please send resume and cover letter. 
WANTED: TUTOR MANAGER -- Recruiting expert with education background (DC - work from home)
The Know Limit Learning Services team of professional tutors provide in-home tutoring support for students of all ages in all subjects to build self-confidence and achieve academic goals. Whether for enrichment or remediation, in-home or online, Know Limit Learning Services offers a customized solution for every learner to deliver results. We believe every student can succeed!The Know Limit team is looking for a Tutor Manager to join our Education Team. We are searching for organized, detail-oriented professionals with an education background who are willing to accept the challenge of making a difference in the lives of our students.
- Review resumes, conduct screening calls and interview candidates for available tutoring positions 
- Onboard new tutors and review policies and procedures 
- Analyze roster of tutors to identify the best match for each student 
- Provide feedback and communicate frequently with core team of tutors 
- Process required tutor paperwork on a weekly and monthly basis 
- Plan, organize, and attend recruitment events to grow core base of talented tutors 
- Assist the management team in the development and implementation of new internal systems 
Virtual assistants who can work from home with flexibility. State your specialty and available hours. 
This is a great income opportunity for a highly motivated and hard working sales professional. Work with a growing startup as the key salesperson responsible for the sale of our online exam prep program for physical therapy candidates. Primary leads you'll be working with include recent US graduates and foreign trained therapists. Previous experience selling products or services into Universities a plus. This is an independent contractor position; work from home and set your own schedule. Excellent upside potential with volume.

Global news site home page editor - $650/month (financial district)
We are a large global news site based in San Francisco looking for someone to help us manage our home page. The position pays $650 per month and is an independent contractor role that can be performed remotely.

Duties include:
--Selecting appropriate stories for the home page several times a day
--Copy editing headlines for AP style
--Contacting writers to request stories to fill major news gaps

The candidate will be working with one or two other editors throughout the day to keep the home page fresh and up to date. Applicants should have a strong background in journalism (preferably on the editors' side) with good news judgment and a grasp of AP style, in addition to being reasonably tech savvy. Applicants should be self-starters who can learn quickly, love technology and can be relied on to fulfill their duties remotely.
Please submit a cover letter and 2-3 writing samples (preferably journalistic). Applicants will be screened on a rolling basis. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work at home as a call center agent

If you are looking online for jobs you can do at home, you will undoubtedly have come across many home business opportunities where you get to do work such as affiliate marketing or joining an MLM program. Opportunities and advice on starting your own home business are advertised all over the Internet, however, real jobs you can do at home are night  or impossible to locate.

Why is this? Well, for a start, not all jobs are suitable for home based employment so the opportunities for working at home are reduced. Another reason is that employers have been slow to catch on to the idea of employing staff to work at home. Instead of considering the massive savings they could make in terms of office space, lighting, heating and so on, employers focus on the fact that they will be unable to directly supervise their staff members. If staff are paid by results, they have a better chance of finding jobs where they can work from home than if they were paid a set hourly rate.

All these things combine to limit the number of work at home jobs available. Demand for work at home jobs currently far exceeds the supply. There are, however, a couple of areas where real work at home jobs are becoming more plentiful; one area where the number of jobs at home on offer are increasing is in call-center work.

Anyone who has needed to contact a company's Customer Service Department and has been routed to a call-center will know that many of them are based overseas but there is a less well-known trend for hiring more local call-center staff. Between 2000 and 2010  the number of home-based call-center employees in the USA tripled. According to research conducted by Yankee Group there are more than 670,000 work at home phone agents employed in the USA and Canada alone.

Working at home as a call-center agent has many of the advantages of running your own home business including the obvious ones such as flexible working hours and no commuting. You are, however, an employee just as much as if you were working in your employer's building and your earning potential is dictated by how much work the employer provides. Home-based call-center workers are normally contractors who are paid for the actual number of minutes they spend on the phone to customers. Working hours, although flexible, have to be sanctioned by the employer, so you can't just decide to change your hours without giving any notice.
Hourly rates of pay for work at home call-center staff are not particularly high and depend upon the type of work undertaken. For example if your job is to simply take down customer orders over the phone, you will not earn as much as you would providing technical support or in a position requiring sales skills.
When considering the rates of pay for a home-based call-center agent job, you need to take into account that by working at home, you will be saving money. For example, you won't have to pay for fares or fuel, you won't have to maintain a working-clothes wardrobe and, if you are a parent (as most people who want to work at home are), you won't have to pay expensive child-care fees. Despite the comparatively low rates of pay, telecommuting as a call-center agent is worth considering if you want a job where you can work at home.

Real Jobs for the Stay at home mom

You love your kids, you love being home with them each day, but the financial reality of your situation makes it a little hard to see that continuing for too much longer. Some moms have no trouble leaving the house and going back to work, but others are a bit more worried about being able to handle such a situation. If you want to stay home, but you know you have to find a way to make some money, you want to see if you can find some stay at home mom jobs that allow you to care for your kids while bringing in some extra cash. It's tricky out there, but there are some opportunities that are very real. Some are even well paying if you can put the time into them.
There are advertisements for stay at home mom jobs all over the Internet. Sadly, many of them are not real. However, some are real opportunities. The problem many moms have it finding something real without being scammed or paid far less than promised. If you follow some guidelines and use your head, you will soon learn the difference between real jobs that you should try for and scams that are going to cause pain and even cost you money. The point is to make money, not lose it, so keep your eyes open and your wits about you.
The first thing you have to do is think about any job you may apply for that is not online. The stay at home mom jobs that are real on the Internet might be ones that would be real without the use of a computer. In other words, a job looking for writers could be very real, as writers are needed everywhere, but one that promises you big bucks to click on a bunch of links may not be such a good idea. If a job sounds just too good to be true, there is a reason for that. Something will go wrong.
On the other hand, there are jobs that seem real, like making crafts from home, that are not. These are usually stay at home mom jobs and scams that have been around since before the Internet was common in most homes. These companies either ask you up front for money for your supplies (a big no no!) or they will receive your finished products and tell you they were all wrong. They are not, of course, as they will sell them anyway. You will see zero dollars for your effort and may have lost some money in the end. Bottom line: if someone asks you for money for a job, it is not legitimate.
The the types of stay at home mom jobs that you want to search out are ones that have a reasonable pay rate (no get rich quick jobs), do not ask you for money up front, and that are realistic in nature. Look for writing jobs, freelance work in photography, and programming technical  jobs for web sites as well as customer service phone jobs. . Mystery shopping is real, but it does not pay much. Mystery shopping offers that claim you can make tons of money are scams. If you have been online for any amount of time, you know what web sites have been around and are commonly used by the masses. Those are the ones that offer legitimate work. There are other types of jobs, just use the above criteria to decide if it is worth looking into.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Work at home telecommuting job leads April 23rd

Work from home job

10 Professional, Organized, Dependable Individuals Motivated to Work Hard and Earn Excellent Pay Will Be Hired This Week. 
This is a 1099 Independent Contractor position with no sales required, appointment setting only.We offer weekly pay of $10 per confirmed appointment. 
*This is NOT a sales position--Simply set appointment for job seekers to attend an information session about working with our company.
*Work from home 10 hours per week minimum. Full time telecommuting hours available. 
*You choose your hours (8:00 a.m. -- 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday -- Sunday)
*Expected pay: Easily earn $300 per week working part time. There is no limit to how much you can earn but your pay depends on your commitment to dialing.

Operations Administrator with emphasis on recruiting and training (PT) (Concord, MA)

SmartBooks believes bookkeeping should be an asset, not the liability it is for too many small businesses. So we developed a system that delivers a cloud-based technology infrastructure combined with the right mix of bookkeeping and controller services to provide a fixed price accounting solution to clients. Based in Massachusetts, we support clients throughout the state as well as clients nationwide and internationally. We are seeking a skilled, enthusiastic part-time Operations Associate who shares our values and who will support our continued growth by supporting the following operational responsibilities. 

Human Resources
1. Conduct early steps of recruiting process and candidate follow up. Assist with resume screening. Conduct 15 minute phone screens with candidates passing the initial resume screen. Maintain candidate tracking spreadsheet and move candidate documents through document management system. Schedule longer phone and in-person interviews for candidates with hiring managers.
2. Coordinate new hire training. Conduct general systems training yourself. Schedule specialty training with others.

Earn $20/day for minutes of work!
It is as simple as using our new iPhone app, Twist, and giving us feedback. The app is in the apple app store. The name of our company is Twist, and we are a mobile app developer located in San Francisco. We are looking for people to street test our app. Our app lets other people know when you arrive somewhere. So if you are at least 18 years of age and go to multiple places everyday to meet up with clients, business colleagues, friends, or family we want you to participate.

Client Manager

A leading Expert Witness Search Agency for large technical and financial litigations is searching for STAY-AT-HOME Client Manager to support a growing sales initiative. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, tenacious, very smart, and has great phone skills and can write error-free letters. There is a big sales component to the job, but we are also looking for someone who can manage high caliber prospects (attorneys) through an extended sales process. Candidates are required to have at least (1) a bachelor's degree, (2) three years sales experience, with at least one involving Client Management. The application process will involve a series of interviews and role-playing scenarios. If you are interested in being considered, please send via email a cover letter, resume and references. Base pay will be $25 per hour with additional significant compensation for successful performance. We are looking for someone who can start on the order of 10 hours per week, but would be interested in scaling this up to 30 or more if you are successful. Attorneys and people with a background in Economics are particularly encouraged to apply. Although this is a work-from-home position, we have a strong preference for people that are within driving distance of Boston so we can meet periodically. If interested, please send your cover letter and CV via email. Please have the subject line of the email be: Client Manager Position
We currently have 2 WordPress sites in development. We have some knowledge of WordPress but we are not HTML proficient. As these 2 sites are launched we need some technical assistance with SliderPro, image and video management integrations, widgets management, and other upgrades/changes to the websites as they are launched and we receive feedback from customers. One website is a blogging platform; the other is a more static website that will launch simultaneously.
This would be a great part time or on call summer job for a computer graphics major who is proficient in HTML/HTML5 and also knows Photoshop or other imaging software.
We are a small company located in Massachusetts but we would want the person to work out of their own home/office with occasional face-to-face meetings in the Boston area.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work at home telecommuting job leads April 17th

Admissions Rep West VA

The Admissions Representative is the “front line” resource of the University for assistance to prospective students interested in attending American Military University and American Public University. The Admissions Representative is expected to have a broad knowledge of the University and its policies (including federal privacy laws for students), degree programs, courses and admissions requirements. The Representative must also be familiar with information related to federal educational funding options, as well as United States military educational funding sources. The successful Admissions Representative will be able to refer students to appropriate departments for any needed, in-depth assistance. In addition, the Admissions Representative is responsible for assisting assigned students from registration through their first session of classes with whatever issues may arise. Representatives are also expected to develop ongoing marketing and communication strategies and utilize marketing materials/opportunities provided by American Public University System (APUS) to serve assigned applicants.

Positions are available either as telework or on-site at Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL, or Rochester, MN.
We are currently seeking the best experienced inpatient coders from across the nation to join our high-performing coding team. Even though our coders are located throughout the country, we have a strong communication network that keeps people connected throughout their work day.
Mayo Clinic will provide employees with a positive work environment that fosters communication, teamwork, and the means to advance one’s knowledge and ability in such a way to meet his or her career aspirations.
Coders working from home are provided all necessary equipment and software including a desktop computer, two monitors, and a desktop i-phone connected to the Mayo Clinic internet.
Charming Manners, an etiquette training company in the Pittsburgh area, is seeking an experienced Sales Representative to continue growth and development of products and services.
Cultivate business relationships and turn contacts into customers.
Attract new customers, create interest and provide information to address customers’ needs.
Work with management team to develop sales strategies and implement them.
Use Microsoft Office and other software products to create sales reports and data tracking.
Demonstrate exemplary manners and etiquette in representation of the company.
Meet agreed-upon benchmarks of success and quotas on a monthly basis.
Available for local travel.

Are you an experienced writer who can turn interviews and research into concise, engaging feature stories? Then we want your help in promoting education, auto insurance, and other services to our online readers.

Brivin Corp is seeking a real estate agent or candidate who works in a closely related career field to act as a ghostwriter for our company. A thorough knowledge of real estate and everything closely related to is mandatory. You should have adequate knowledge to quickly answer real estate related inquiries, actively engage in forum discussions about current real estate news, as well as provide commentary on issues within the housing market on a myriad of different blogs.

Opportunity to telecommute
3 to 5 years of demonstrated experience handling media relations. Demonstrates strong project management skills. Experience managing multimedia, video and print production required. Ability to identify a newsworthy story, write effectively and quickly.  Experience using Facebook,Twitter, and other social media platforms. 
Management Experience:

Preferred 6 months – 1 year supervisory experience.
Skills and Abilities:  Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills.  Demonstrated experience and results in producing web content and building traffic.  Must be able to multitask, meet deadlines and work collaboratively with individuals at all levels of the Chapter and National Headquarters.  Advanced knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of social media platforms. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Work at home telecommuting job leads April 16th

Remember legit companies will not ask for a fee. These jobs are not researched however we have experience in weeding out what sounds legit and what isn't, Please be careful and ask QUESTIONS 
 The old saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will not make $1000s of dollars a week sitting around stuffing envelopes, typing or data entry . If they ask a fee for training or software-run the other way

Go Freelance find thousands of freelance jobs- great resource for bloggers and writers

Companies that regularly hire telecommuters Work at home call centers, online scoring, transcription companies, bookkeeping, accounting.

Scheduling Assistant 

Part Time - Work at Home 
A rapidly growing Canton based appointment scheduling company is looking for an individual to join our organization as a Scheduling Assistant. 
The Scheduling Assistant will work as an integral part of a high level Financial Executive Sales Team. 
In this role the Scheduler's sole responsibility will be to schedule meetings for their assigned experienced Financial Sales Executive. The meetings to be scheduled are between the Sales Executive and their approved Financial Advisors located within their respective territory. 
This is a business to business based relationship among established accounts. There is no cold calling or sales involved in this position. 

Technical researcher

Article One Partners (AOP), the world's largest online patent and technical literature research community is seeking immediate, part-time Technical Literature Researchers to support our growing inventory of technical and research studies. 
• Get rewarded for the quality of your research. Earn compensation for finding key technical literature related to selected patents and technology areas.
• Work at your convenience. Choose your projects, and conduct your research at your own time.
• Use your expertise, and explore other technology areas. Join a global community of over a million members who enjoy the challenge and reward of using their investigatory and analytical skills to increase patent quality and resolve litigation activities. 
Our company is looking for LICENSED insurance agents to join our Telephonic Sales Team. We offer our agents a true turn-key system that can easily earn them $150,000+ or more per year. Our proven system will supply you with FREE Unlimited Company-Produced Leads that you will be contacting through our revolutionary dialer program. By using our proven system and working a minimum of 40 hours per week you can easily earn $2,500 to $5,000 per week.
Hours & Location
1. Accounting Associates may work full-time or part-time (25-30 hours/week).
2. The workload may be heavier during the first half of the month due to month-end closes. January is a heavy month due to year-end closes and 1099s.
3. Initial training and work will be done at company headquarters in Concord, MA. Subsequently you may work in the Concord office or from home with weekly company meetings and training in Concord and occasional client site visits in Massachusetts.
4. We prefer employees live in Massachusetts. Consideration may be given to southern New Hampshire or northern Rhode Island.

Sales Manager (telecommute position based in Greater Boston area)

Our client is a contract laboratory offering a variety of chemical and microbiological analytical services and related technical consulting to life science clients. Growth potential is enormous due to the excellence and variety of the services offered and the high percentage of repeat client business.
Key Responsibilities are to manage and further penetrate existing accounts while developing new business. The successful candidate will work out of a home office in the Greater Boston area, while traveling periodically to the headquarters. 

Independent real estate agent specializing in foreign investors purchasing foreclosures/distressed properties seeking part-time assistant. This position requires competence with computers, faxes, email, fmls, and the Internet. Applicant should be an organized, fast learning, positive person, with great communication skills. Experience in real estate is strongly preferred. Applicants with real estate experience and a general understanding of the management of bank owned/REO properties will be given first priority. To be considered, please respond with your resume and salary requirements. Ideal candidate will be able to work from home and have access to printer, computer, fax.

We have many jobs working from your home doing call center activities. You will be dealing directly with end users/customers. Hours are 15-20+ per week and the hourly pay varies with the opportunity from $8-$13 dollars per hour. You will be required to do a call screening test and go through a background check. Please go to our site and click on the apply now tab and provide us with a short background of your skills and experience by filling out the application.