Friday, July 27, 2012

Work at home telecommuting job leads July 27th

Mommy Blogger for new frugal site

How I paid for Christmas last year! 
I'm Gael, a successful internet marketer. I'm getting started with a new domain and I'm looking for someone with the Mommy blogger profile to start blogging on my new domain 

If you love buying stuff at a discounted rate. If you have tricks to avoid buying expensive products and replace them with cheap household products. If you go on holidays for less than $500 with your whole familly. I'd love to hear about you and pay you to write about it! 

Real estate sales training writer

We are looking for a writer with specialized knowledge in sales training and real estate sales training, NLP, psychology, and personal development. 

Passionate Android Bloggers

Do you love mobile technology? Do you love Android? Do you want to be paid to follow your passion? 

We are looking for experienced bloggers. If you possess writing talent, know WordPress like the back of your hand, and have a social following - then we want to speak with you. 

You must possess the following: 

- significant knowledge about Android and the mobile technology industry. 
- you are a self-starter and can report on breaking news. 
- your writing, grammar, and spelling are impeccable. 
- you can concoct content in such a way that gets people excited and engaged! 
- your voice is informative, entertaining, and worth reading. 

health and nutrition writers

Are you a health and nutrition expert interested in sharing your knowledge? We are looking for qualified writers to contribute to the Healthy Eating section of To be considered you must meet at least one of the following requirements, 

Master's degree and corresponding accreditation in diet and nutrition 
Experience writing articles about diet and nutrition for premium, high-circulation publications 
Medical degree or Master of Science in a medical field 

*If qualified, we invite you to apply via our online application where you will,* 

- Upload a resume highlighting your health and fitness writing background. 

Work at home program manager

Working from their home office based in Oklahoma state, the Program Manager will have accountability and responsibility for the effective operation of a portfolio of virtual school programs. This position will work with management and educational leaders within the various virtual school programs to establish and maintain the various programs, ensuring outstanding academic and business outcomes. The program manager will perform a variety of roles, including account liaison to our customer, issue resolution, business measurement and reporting, curriculum development, and other responsibilities.

You’ve seen and heard those ads on the internet, in the paper, and on the radio promising great work from home jobs, but you’ve wondered if they’re too good to be true. Well – this one is good, it’s true, and we think you’ll really enjoy it! Amazon is a trusted, dynamic Fortune 100 company, and we love our customers – in fact, we're a bit obsessed with delighting them each and every day. We’re also pretty obsessed with making sure we create a fun, challenging, creative, green, and slightly peculiar work environment for the folks who work here, and we’d love to have you consider joining us. 

Transitioning Veterans - Amazon Work From Home Customer Service Associate

In preparation for our busiest time of year – the winter holiday season - Amazon North American Customer Service is now hiring Work From Home Customer Service Associates in several US locations. There are no sales and no schemes, and you can work from home in your pajamas (really, we don’t mind!) solving customer issues via phone, email, and chat. We provide extensive paid training and ongoing daily support to make sure you’re successful. 

The ideal Work from Home Amazonian will demonstrate the ability to work independently with the utmost of professionalism, integrity, and dependability. S/he will be confident and organized and will know when and how to reach out for assistance. An Amazonian has a bias for action and is strongly self-motivated not only to take great care of our customers, but also to proactively identify systemic issues that need to be resolved to prevent future customer concerns (Amazonians don’t pass the buck when it comes to customer issues). Finally, an Amazonian is supremely internet savvy and has high technical aptitude when it comes to online tools and research.
Your home address must be located
  • in WA,OR, KS, KY, WV, DE, ND, NH, NY
  • and
  • be within 90 miles of a physical Amazon site

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