Saturday, October 06, 2012

More people working at home or telecommuting

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Are you thinking of working at home or primarily telecommuting then you are not alone.  According to this recent article in  CNN and USA today more Americans are doing the same thing. I know many people in my community either partially telecommute or work full time from home.  

The number of Americans working from home has soared 41% in the last decade.
About 13.4 million people currently work from home in the United States, according to a Census Bureau report out Thursday. That's about four million more Americans since 1999.

The availability of high-speed Internet and services like Skype, that allow for at-home virtual meetings, has made working from home easier.

A challenging economy has also forced employers to cut back on costs, such as office expenses, and let people work remotely. There's also evidence that others, who haven't been able to find jobs, are earning a living by starting businesses from home.

"As communications and information technologies advance, we are seeing that workers are increasingly able to perform work at home," said Peter Mateyka, a Census Bureau analyst and author of the report.

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