Sunday, November 04, 2012

101+ Real Company's That Pay ebook

If you are ready to work from home, then get your copy of "Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!"

Get Started and Find Your Work at Home Job Now!    A handy short guide on where and HOW to look for jobs that you can do at home online. An easy to read book that will only take about 30  minutes  or so to get through but in it there are over 100 links to sources of information and direct links to businesses looking for people to work for them on a remote basis. I haven't checked every one of those links but I did recognize some of the names and I know they are legitimate sources of work opportunities. There were also a very large number that I hadn't heard of too.

Some of the jobs will require certain technical skills or knowledge but the vast majority won't require much more skill than being able to use a word processor, use a phone, or being reasonably analytical and organised.

There is a section on how to avoid being scammed and it would be worth buying the book just for that section alone. It's easy to get ripped off and there is some useful advice on how to do your due diligence to avoid becoming another statistic.

The book provides a great source of material to help point you in the right direction when looking for a job and just like applying for any job you are not guaranteed to get it. If there is a criticism of the book then that would be it, it doesn't advise on how to win that job, I guess that would be the topic for a completely different book or an extra few chapters (don't forget my commission Lee of you decide to write that one now I have given you the idea!)

Overall it does what it says, 100+ links and ideas to get you on the road to possibly a whole new career path.

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