Saturday, December 29, 2012

Telecommuting job cover letter email tips

Your cover email is the first impression potential employers will receive when viewing your work at home online  job application. Unfortunately, many job applicants rush when creating their application materials rather than ensuring they have  portrayed the message they want employers to receive. If you've been sending ineffective application materials, you may as well not be applying for working at home jobs at all.
Every aspect of your online job application will impact an employer’s perception of your qualifications and it all begins with the cover email. The following are three common mistakes to avoid when creating a cover letter to make your next application more effective at grabbing employer attention.

Not Following Job Posting Instructions

When work at home  employers post job openings, they typically include instructions regarding the materials they want applicants to submit. Whether a job posting asks applicants to submit salary requirements, to provide writing samples, or specifies other requirements, ensure you have  included everything that’s requested.
Failing to include all required information in your cover email will automatically cause an employer to trash your application, seeing you as unable to follow simple directions. If the job posting asks for your salary requirements, list them near the end of your cover email. If work samples are requested, submit them in the proper manner and then specify within the cover email how the employer can access the samples.

Providing too Much Information

An employer who opens your email to find an unnecessarily large amount of text will become discouraged before they even begin reading. Your cover email should include only the most relevant of details and should be attractively organized. Include one space between each paragraph and use bullet points when appropriate, such as when listing job qualifications.

Not Editing

Cover email errors are sure to disqualify you as a job applicant. A potential employer who notices errors in your email will either view you as unqualified for the job opening or will think you don’t care enough about the position to edit your job application. Before submitting your cover email, edit it for spelling and accuracy. From whether the contact’s name is spelled correctly to if you’ve included all requested materials, every aspect of the email must be reviewed.
A cover email’s purpose is to grab employer attention and help you land a job. By putting forth the effort to perfect each aspect of your cover letter email and by avoiding the most common mistakes, you’ll be more likely to receive a job offer sooner.


Patti Hale said...

Very good, much needed information! I suspect this is why many work from home workers have had problems getting a job.

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