Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't be scammed with work at home assembly jobs

The ads blare out at you from their websites:  Home Assembly Jobs. Make money doing easy assembly work. Assemble product work from home offers are abundant online and offline. I know how tempting it is to believe their claims.  The advertisements look enticing and fun; you can stay home and make a part time income doing something you love. Especially if you are the arts and crafts type, it can seem like a dream job opportunity for any stay at home mom.
I was scammed when I first began my work at home career.  
So, I sent away for the information from the home assembly company  and  $20 check and got back a starter kit which had the pieces of the beaded cross necklaces  I was supposed to make and instructions on how to make them.
The company stated that I needed to complete this first assignment to see if I could do the work they needed competently. So, I proceeded to assemble the necklaces, and did a nice job - so I thought.
I sent the jewelry  back to the company and eagerly awaited their approval so I could get started fulfilling lots of orders for these cool necklaces . I assumed the home assembly company was working with other businesses who needed to have these types of handmade goods made on the cheap. I was assured by the company that this work was so easy anybody could do it and I could do as much as I wanted. The more earrings I made, the more money I'd make.
Except, there was a problem.
The company sent me back a notice stating I had botched the job of making this test pair of necklaces and I would not be qualified to do any work for them at this time. I was puzzled by this because those necklaces  were pretty easy to make and I had followed their instructions to the letter. So, I couldn't understand their logic.
Of course, they sent me an order form and encouraged me to order more jewelry making supplies so that I could practice making these necklaces and get my work up to the quality level they preferred. I declined to continue with this scheme.
No matter. Now that I was on their mailing list, they could bombard me with all kinds of tempting easy moneymaking offers. You see, they know that there is lots of appeal in creating offers featuring crafts and assembly work from home opportunities. This is how they lure you into their never ending stream of bogus offers. If you failed at one opportunity, you're still likely to try others - and that's how they make money off of you.
If you are looking for legit home assembly jobs, sorry to say, but you're wasting your time. These offers are all bogus. If you really want to make money creating handmade crafts, you're better off buying a few instructional books/videos and teaching yourself, then going to your local craft fair and selling them or setting up a shop on Etsy.. This way, you can create something that people really want, and keep all the money for yourself.
This is how work at home assembly companies really earn their dollar: not from the sales of the products being made, but from the people who are making them! Be smart and don't fall for them!

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