Friday, August 23, 2013

Freelance writing and blogging work at home jobs August 23rd

Search Marketing SaaS company looking for a skilled freelance writer to produce high quality online marketing content on a regular basis.

Your role will include creating thorough, expert-level “how to” blog posts related to online marketing, SEO, Search Marketing, Adwords/PPC, Analytics, and Social Media.

Required skills:
- Fluent in American English, strong written communication and storytelling skills, with an excellent grasp of the rules of grammar.
- Follow instructions with high attention to detail, quickly adjust to feedback and revision requests.
- Basic HTML skills and familiarity with Wordpress and the principles of how to tune content for SEO value in addition to readability.
- The ability to learn new online marketing systems and techniques quickly and then be able to quickly write about them with authority.
- Be familiar with online marketing and follow trusted online marketing blogs and SEO publications.
- AdWords certified professionals preferred.
- Experience writing for agency audience preferred. 

We are seeking highly skilled writers, experienced with writing web content to today's SEO standards, to ghostwrite & create regular content for a variety of client websites. We prefer to find someone who can become a "team member" and can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to our projects rather than a "one-off".

Your role will include researching & creating educational blog posts, opinion pieces, "how-to's", "top 10's", etc. on a wide range of subject matter for over 20 different client websites. We also have need of smaller pieces of content such as Q&A's and infographic script writing.

We are looking for writers & content that real readers can identify with, NOT content written for search engine robots. Content must not only hook readers, but reel them in as regular readers by providing valuable, clear and unique perspectives. The truth is that most of the industries we serve are boring to the average reader and we need someone that can find the interesting side of these boring businesses
Article Marketing Co. is a relatively new company with an aim to become the number one content producer on the internet. With this in mind, I am looking for long term writers to help us build a solid reputation.

I need experienced writers who are detail orientated, deadline driven, and who strive to provide error free articles every time that are educational and easy to read. All articles will need to follow my company's signature style guide (which is really quite simple). Ideally I want people who are prepared to research and write on any topic.

The rates are $7 per 500 word article and $8.50 for web pages and press releases. Please only apply if you are from the US or Canada. I am also only looking for writers who can commit to 3-5 articles a day if need be. Payment is made each weekend via Paypal. 

Quovo is a well-funded financial technology start-up based in New York City. We're a small, fun team dedicated to revolutionizing the investment management industry. We strongly believe that good information and game-changing insights should be more accessible, affordable, and understandable to all investors, not just the ultra-elite. We're looking for like-minded people to help us on our mission - folks who think big, work hard, and want to change the world (while still cracking a smile). Join us!
We’re looking for a writer to help us shape some of our innovative content ideas into fully realized articles and think pieces. The ideal candidate:
·        Can take concepts and outlines we have in our pipeline and shape them into top-quality, engaging blog posts, articles, and opinion pieces
·        Has experience communicating complex issues (e.g., financial services, data visualization, technology) into snappy, engaging prose
·        Can produce quality content in a variety of formats, from blog posts to opinion pieces and longer articles, as needed
·        Has proven experience producing content that grabs attention, links, social media hits, and overall recognition
·        Has a proven track record of getting published in notable, established publications and media outlets, i.e. not just your own personal blog or social media

Automotive equipment sales website seeking experienced online writers to produce educational articles and blog posts. Our content is mainly related to cars, driving, and automotive safety, but occasionally we cover other subjects as well. Freelance, part-time, work remotely.

Site style/voice is knowledgeable without being condescending; plain-spoken; friendly; engaging; and humorous at times.

Professional online writing experience
Strong writing skills
Research skills 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Real Work at home telecommuting job leads August 20th

Aspire Lifestyles is looking to expand our concierge team with a few high-energy, customer-focused professionals. Candidates must have flexible schedules; weekend and holiday work, is required.

As an Aspire Lifestyles Concierge, you are an intelligent, creative and efficient individual who is extremely organized, resourceful and values great personal service. You have a dedication to service excellence. You pride yourself on creating memorable customer experiences and you love interacting with people. Additionally, you have an aptitude for technology, are proficient with Internet research skills and learn new programs and processes effortlessly. You are lightning fast when multi-tasking and can remain focused in a very busy environment.

You have previous experience in the hospitality industry providing unparalleled service. You are passionate and knowledgeable about travel and know how to find the best restaurants, bars, hotels, hidden shops, and spas. You have excellent verbal and written skills. In addition to English, fluency in one of the following languages is highly desired: French, German, Italian and /or Spanish

Job title: Host Family Recruiter for International Students coming to the North Shore of Boston.
Work From Home and on the field
Start date: October 1, 2013

EF Language Travel is a non-profit organization and part of EF Education First. EF Language Travel organizes short term summer programs for international teenagers and juniors that help make dreams come true. The students come to the US and Canada to stay with host families, engage in language lessons, and participate in organized cultural activities and excursions. Our East Coast US headquarters are based in Boston, MA.

We are currently seeking a super star Host Family Recruiter to focus on the growth and development of our summer program on the North Shore of Boston. The role concentrates on establishing EF Language Travel within the local community.

We are looking to hire 2-3 really great java programmers to join our eight-person developer team.

We need an exceptional developer to help enhance Gaggle's web and mobile tools. You'll work from home and the hours are flexible. We are seeking a full-time programmer for 40-50 hours per week.

We want someone who can actually do the work as opposed to someone who wants to manage others. We are seeking someone who can solve problems on their own and write solid code that holds up under high load.

You will be joining an existing team of six senior java developers who also work remotely. Our developers want to code, not manage others, hence they only want to work with someone who is already a great developer. 
Borror Allstate Agency

We are located in Duluth, GA and help customers with their insurance and financial services needs, including:

•Auto insurance
•Home insurance
•Life insurance
•Commercial insurance
•Retirement planning

Position Overview
Allstate Insurance Agent located in Duluth, GA is seeking an outgoing professional to join their team. As a Allstate team member for Borror Allstate Agency, you will build and develop customer relationships within the community to promote Allstate products including auto, motorcycle, home, commercial, and life insurance.

Leapforce is looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy. This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for one of the world's largest internet search engine companies.

Search Engine Evaluators will need to combine a passion for analysis with an understanding of various online research tools. Applicants must be detail oriented and have a broad range of interests.

Ideal Search Engine Evaluators will possess the following skills:
•Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with American social culture, media, and web culture
•Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English
•Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus
•University degree or equivalent experience (degrees in-progress are acceptable). Advanced degrees a plus
•Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.
•Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
•Possess a high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, etc.)

We're a boutique online marketing firm, meaning that we have about 10 accounts per account manager and we provide in-depth, extensive, personalized management services for each account. We're very organized and very efficient. We're a 100% telecommuting firm, but everybody knows what to do and we work hand in glove with each other. You just need to keep great communication with your accounts, and our team will make certain that the things you ask for get done - reports, new content for the website, etc.

This is full-time during business hours and involves paying careful attention to the needs of each of your accounts. We have checklists to guide you through each of the major functions you'll perform for the clients, but the core of the job is (1) being in constant communication with your accounts, (2) anticipating what will make the client happy, especially if the CEO is busy and doesn't know what he/she wants and (3) working closely with all the people on our team to make sure that everything the client needs gets done correctly and quickly.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to avoid new freelance writing common mistakes

Check out Yuwanda Black books 

Yuwanda Black will be sharing some freelance writing advice today!
I've been a freelance writer since 1993 and I've made so many mistakes I could literally write a book about them. Some mistakes can't be helped, but there are definitely those you don't have to make in order to learn the lesson.
Freelance Writers: Are You Making Any of These Mistakes?
Following are four of the most common mistakes I see many new (and a good number of experienced) freelance writers making.
I. Not Creating a Marketing Schedule: I've said this one gazillion and one times, but it bears repeating - marketing is the lifeblood of any business. And when you fail to do it - consistently - you put yourself in danger of living a feast-or-famine existence as a freelance writer.
Don't do this. You deserve better.
Just because you freelance does not mean that you have to have such an unstable income. Sure, it'll never be as consistent as having a 9-to-5 job, but when you fail to create - and stick to - a consistent marketing schedule, you exponentially increase your chances of not succeeding as a freelancer.
So make this a "must do" when you start your freelance writing business. Create a marketing schedule - preferably reaching out to a certain number of contacts every day. And, do it first thing in the morning.
This way, you'll get it out of the way - and you'll develop the habit of constantly keeping writing jobs and prospects in your pipeline. THIS is the way to practically guarantee that you'll stay busy as a freelancer.
II. Failing to Say No: This means not only to clients who want to low-ball you, but to friends, family, organizations that want you to volunteer and anyone else who takes for granted that just because you freelance, you're always "available."
As a freelance writer, I get up and "report to the office" every day - just like when I worked in corporate America. The only thing that's changed has been my uniform. Now I work in my bunny slippers and may not comb my hair until late afternoon (if at all).
To succeed as a freelancer, you must treat your career like a business -- and that means respecting your time. Sure you can set your own schedule and it can be re-arranged at will. But, trust me, you'll dramatically increase your chances of success if you stick to some kind of routine.
III. Undercharging: There is no one right or wrong freelance writing rate. In fact, they're all over the place; but I can tell you this, $3 for 500 words is definitely undercharging.
I tell all freelance writers to charge what you need to make a living, and the best way to figure this out is to get really intimate with your numbers (ie, your expenses). This includes self-employment taxes, which can be anywhere from 10 to 35 percent (or more) of your freelance income.
Learn more about freelance finances and taxes.
IV. Failing to Consistently Raise Rates: Many freelancers set their rates when they first start out, then may not revisit them for a few years - or longer.
Like any business, your costs go up too, eg, your electric bill, cell phone charges, office supplies, etc. So just like when you were an employee, don't forget to give yourself "a raise" by increasing your rates regularly.
I raise rates at my SEO writing company every 18 months or so. In my experience, around the first of the year is a good time to do so, as well as during the summer, when things tend to be a bit slower.

You are going to make mistakes in your freelance writing career; we all do. But, the ones listed here don't have to be among them.

Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company she founded in 2008, and is the publisher of Inkwell Editorial, a blog devoted to helping others start successful, home-based writing careers. She's also the author of over 50 ebooks, most of which cover some aspect of freelance writing. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Freelancing writing and blogger WAHM job August 16th

Get paid for taking surveys 

We are looking for a writer to supply blog content for our florist clients.

The articles will be posted on the websites of retail florists, and should cover topics related to flowers and the benefits of giving and receiving flowers, etc. 

We are seeking a writer to provide quality weekly blog posts on topics covering SEO, SEM, Business Blogging, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, and the Psychology of Buying & Marketing. 

Posts should be long enough to be actually informative, and while we don't subscribe to strict word counts we typically find decent articles to be 600 - 1,500 words. 

You will have broad editorial license to pick your own topics, and we encourage writing in themed series. We will give you access to our stock photo account to select an appropriate image for each post. 

We are looking for an experienced writer/blogger who has past experience in jewelry, fashion, or weddings. You should have the ability to do some research, write with the target audience in mind and have some basic knowledge of SEO. We have a variety of topics in mind but would also be open to hearing new ideas from the writer.

We're looking for freelance journalists to cover the digital advertising, marketing, and tech space. These articles will be featured on our website and will also be promoted through syndication. 

We are seeking writers with a passion for marketing and technology with noteworthy publication histories and/or large audiences in social media or otherwise. Applicants will be screened on a rolling basis and should be enthusiastic about tech, marketing and advertising. 
We are a wholesale gift and home accessories company, established in San Francisco in 1951. We are best known for our handmade art glass paperweights, figurines and vases. Our customers range from gift and home decor retailers to zoo/aquarium/theme park/museum gift shops to art galleries. We are looking for a freelance copywriter for marketing materials: press kits; product copy; editorials for gift and home decor trade publications.

IdeaRocket is a fast-growing animation studio specializing in explainer videos, TV spots, and corporate industrials. Our clients include Fortune 500 firms as well as exciting tech startups. We work in techniques such as 2D character animation, whiteboard, and motion graphics. We're based in midtown Manhattan.

We seek to hire a writer on a freelance/contract basis to develop audio-visual scripts for animated videos, usually running at 1-3 minutes. Applicants should be able to condense complicated business subjects into effective and memorable narratives. Great client presence is a major plus. NYC-area residency is preferred, but not required. 

SmartBrief is seeking a part-time editor to help create daily online business and consumer news e-mail publications in the health industry. Applicant must be available for daily deadlines.  Applicant must have two to five years of experience writing or editing health news. If you love to edit material and shape content, and thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-intensive work environment, you'll fit right in. This position includes both writing and editing duties, with a heavy focus on editing. Other job duties include client relationship management. This is a telecommute position.

We are looking for a seasoned freelancer with experience in creating great web copy for a broad variety of clients. Content needs to be well written, engaging and informative. The vast majority of content will be written in a B2B or B2C context, so familiarity with writing in these styles is a must. Because of the varied nature of the topics, the right candidate will need to be able to conduct research in order to write knowledgeably and accurately.

There is a lot of work available, and we're looking for a freelancer who is comfortable with committing to delivering a consistent amount of work on a weekly basis. Typical assignments include blog entries, press releases, website content, product descriptions and articles for publication on external sites.

This assignment requires an intermediate to advanced understanding of IT services such as "Virtual Private Networking" and "WAN Load Balancing" AND/OR an intermediate to advanced understanding of professional (business) services such as "Due Diligence Investigations" and "Fraud Advisory & Response Consulting"

We are currently building a new website for a company which is the result of several mergers and acquisitions. This site will have all the standard information such as "about us," "contact info," "locations," .etc.

It will also have a comprehensive list of the services we provide, organized and nested in a way that makes sense. Here's an example of a tax firm that organizes their services well: 

The exact structure and organization of the outline isn't that important. What's important is that the outline is essentially a list of SEO keywords. Further, each bullet point goes to a page about the topic which is again inherently an SEO goldmine. (That's why wikipedia always comes up first in results, it's an outline full of keywords.)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 2013 work at home job income report

I  get a lot of questions about am I am really making money online. I think it is important that you can make money while working at home without  MLM or direct sales. 

I want to start tracking each month for my readers how much money I am making at home doing call center work and some of my other gigs.   Due to Non disclosure agreements I signed  I am not comfortable in saying which call centers I am working making  this money. 

Call Center work I track by the number of hours I am logged in and taking calls.   Some call centers pay a flat hourly rate and some pay only on sales and other pay per talk time.  My family and I just got back from 8 days at Disney world.  It was a perfect trip.  

During July I only worked a few phone hours due to the kids being out of school. I also my dad in the hospital after some health issues.  I really couldn't focus on working.   

Call Center work   (click to see which companies hire call center workers) 

Time work  15 hours 
Pay $230
Average pay per hour  $15.33

Elance and other short task work including mturk -aka non phone work 

Pay  $400

I am not including anything from any  survey and rewards programs as to me those are just extras and I usually save them up for Christmas.  

Gross Total  $630
Expenses  Landline phone and Internet  $75  

Net Total   $555
Compared to last month -358

Friday, August 09, 2013

Freelance writing and blogging work at home jobs August 9th

Ebyline is looking for experienced journalists, writers, photographers, video graphers and designers who can create quality content for our partners. 

For experienced freelance content creators, Ebyline is a dynamic way to showcase experience, pitch ideas to publishers from around the country, and safely get paid for quality work. No more invoices, no more hassle, just fast payments and easy transactions. 

An ideal candidate would have past experience writing in the poker industry. Our current team at strives to break legal online poker news stories but also report on major stories that have been previously reported but we try to add to the story with additional information and proper link attribution. I want a writer that can do both along with the occasional op/ed. 
I am looking for ghostwriters to create content for our blog. We provide health supplements so the content will be related to topics such as: 

Weight loss 
Health Products 
Diet etc. 
We are looking for a journalist who is a deft writer capable of delivering clear, concise content on tight deadlines. We're looking for a writer with at least one year of newsroom experience who's knowledgable of AP style, and comfortable comfortable covering a wide range of topics.  Must be
deadline-oriented and able to achieve a high degree of accuracy. The ideal candidate will be able to excel conducting all interviews by phone. High-speed internet is required, as well as knowledge of basic internet programs and platforms, including Skype, email and social media.
Pay is per piece, depending on story length and topic. Writers will typically have the opportunity to produce 10-15 short items per week.

Empyrics, Inc. is a start-up that provides high-quality educational resources to underserved communities. We are looking for teachers and writers to produce assessment materials.

At the moment we need practice questions at the high school level in the following subjects:

Math (algebra, geometry, data analysis)
Reading Comprehension

If you are a talented writer but have no prior experience with producing educational materials we may be willing to train.

-Develop strategic, targeted, and engaging content for a variety of marketing campaigns that shows a clear understanding of the target audience and telecommunications industry -- website, interactive, collateral, brochures, advertising and events
-Create compelling content to achieve conversions from free trials, webinars and compliance seminars
-Develop copy variations for web pages, landing pages and calls to action
-Collaborate with marketing, channel, sales, and other teams to understand and discuss objectives, product and audience background, and messaging goals.
-Contribute to project initiation, determining relevant message angles including SEO and PR considerations.
-Implement SEO best practices including on-page keyword optimizations, editing and writing new content for evolving information architecture.

 new media community embracing life fulfillment, is looking for driven, hardworking bloggers with experience in writing for entertainment and event coverage. We prefer LA-based writers, but we are willing to consider qualified, dependable writers anywhere.
Must be able to turn in a 250-500 word piece at least once a week. This is likely to increase.
Must have strong understanding of SEO. No exceptions.
Should have a solid understanding of the field you are writing about, and a strong web presence. Those with polished blogs and strong social media followings will be given preference.
Writers should also promote their pieces through their social media channels.
Extra preference will be given to those who can also do photography.
Article ideas need to be pitched
Understanding of multicultural entertainment.

Writer / blogger needed for the 55+ real estate sector to write and blog about 55+ communities across the nation. You will have phone interviews with real estate agents across the country to write and blog about communities serving their local active adult, 55+ market. You will be….

- Writing original, captivating and informative content about active adult communities
- Editing articles to be SEO friendly and incorporate keywords that will bring traffic to the website
- Promoting on social networks and interacting with users to present a consistent brand
- Blogging about communities and topics that concern the active adult market.