Friday, August 16, 2013

Freelancing writing and blogger WAHM job August 16th

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We are looking for a writer to supply blog content for our florist clients.

The articles will be posted on the websites of retail florists, and should cover topics related to flowers and the benefits of giving and receiving flowers, etc. 

We are seeking a writer to provide quality weekly blog posts on topics covering SEO, SEM, Business Blogging, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, and the Psychology of Buying & Marketing. 

Posts should be long enough to be actually informative, and while we don't subscribe to strict word counts we typically find decent articles to be 600 - 1,500 words. 

You will have broad editorial license to pick your own topics, and we encourage writing in themed series. We will give you access to our stock photo account to select an appropriate image for each post. 

We are looking for an experienced writer/blogger who has past experience in jewelry, fashion, or weddings. You should have the ability to do some research, write with the target audience in mind and have some basic knowledge of SEO. We have a variety of topics in mind but would also be open to hearing new ideas from the writer.

We're looking for freelance journalists to cover the digital advertising, marketing, and tech space. These articles will be featured on our website and will also be promoted through syndication. 

We are seeking writers with a passion for marketing and technology with noteworthy publication histories and/or large audiences in social media or otherwise. Applicants will be screened on a rolling basis and should be enthusiastic about tech, marketing and advertising. 
We are a wholesale gift and home accessories company, established in San Francisco in 1951. We are best known for our handmade art glass paperweights, figurines and vases. Our customers range from gift and home decor retailers to zoo/aquarium/theme park/museum gift shops to art galleries. We are looking for a freelance copywriter for marketing materials: press kits; product copy; editorials for gift and home decor trade publications.

IdeaRocket is a fast-growing animation studio specializing in explainer videos, TV spots, and corporate industrials. Our clients include Fortune 500 firms as well as exciting tech startups. We work in techniques such as 2D character animation, whiteboard, and motion graphics. We're based in midtown Manhattan.

We seek to hire a writer on a freelance/contract basis to develop audio-visual scripts for animated videos, usually running at 1-3 minutes. Applicants should be able to condense complicated business subjects into effective and memorable narratives. Great client presence is a major plus. NYC-area residency is preferred, but not required. 

SmartBrief is seeking a part-time editor to help create daily online business and consumer news e-mail publications in the health industry. Applicant must be available for daily deadlines.  Applicant must have two to five years of experience writing or editing health news. If you love to edit material and shape content, and thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-intensive work environment, you'll fit right in. This position includes both writing and editing duties, with a heavy focus on editing. Other job duties include client relationship management. This is a telecommute position.

We are looking for a seasoned freelancer with experience in creating great web copy for a broad variety of clients. Content needs to be well written, engaging and informative. The vast majority of content will be written in a B2B or B2C context, so familiarity with writing in these styles is a must. Because of the varied nature of the topics, the right candidate will need to be able to conduct research in order to write knowledgeably and accurately.

There is a lot of work available, and we're looking for a freelancer who is comfortable with committing to delivering a consistent amount of work on a weekly basis. Typical assignments include blog entries, press releases, website content, product descriptions and articles for publication on external sites.

This assignment requires an intermediate to advanced understanding of IT services such as "Virtual Private Networking" and "WAN Load Balancing" AND/OR an intermediate to advanced understanding of professional (business) services such as "Due Diligence Investigations" and "Fraud Advisory & Response Consulting"

We are currently building a new website for a company which is the result of several mergers and acquisitions. This site will have all the standard information such as "about us," "contact info," "locations," .etc.

It will also have a comprehensive list of the services we provide, organized and nested in a way that makes sense. Here's an example of a tax firm that organizes their services well: 

The exact structure and organization of the outline isn't that important. What's important is that the outline is essentially a list of SEO keywords. Further, each bullet point goes to a page about the topic which is again inherently an SEO goldmine. (That's why wikipedia always comes up first in results, it's an outline full of keywords.)

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