Friday, November 08, 2013

Circum News New Work at home job alert scam

I came across Circumnews when someone on my facebook page alerted me to it asking it if it was a good website to join to earn some extra money .  My scam alert often goes up when something sounds too easy it usually is. 

The company claims that they will pay you $2 to $5 for every written piece of news that you read. Really? That means you can earn   $100 just by reading twenty articles.. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  . This website looks very shady.

However, after checking out the website of Circumnews, I'm very disappointed. There are red flags everywhere. It just looks very unprofessional and spammy. In addition, several people said that they have gotten viruses yet. 

I did not sign up because at this point I think Circumnews is either a scam . I get it that news providers would pay people to read their content but the pay rate is just TOO much . If they're really paying that much then they'd be losing money. I'm not signing up with Circumnews until I see a substantial number of people getting paid by them.  People are claming they have earned money but no one has actually gotten paid 

Here is why I haven't signed up with them  
1. No address and contact details.
2. No privacy policy.
3. Bad-looking website with bad grammar.
4. They only pay via Paypal and Payza.
5. People reporting malware and viruses 

Stay away from Circumnews until they've proven themselves that they are legit.

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