Tuesday, January 06, 2015

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer

As the traditional publishing industry has shrunk over the past decade, some writers are actually finding it easier to earn a full-time living.

For Jeff Goins, it all started with building his own following. Once his audience grew, traditional publishers came knocking.

But getting published wasn’t the key to earning a living. Jeff was already on his way to earning a full-time income by that point, through self-publishing and selling his own online programs. Getting published was an itch he still wanted to scratch, but for different reasons.

In this interview, Jeff shares the insider details every aspiring writer should know about what it really takes to earn a living in today’s environment. In many ways there are more opportunities for writers than ever before.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the interview:

When you should “officially” consider yourself a writer 
How Jeff made a habit of writing every day for over a year 
When Jeff went from wanting to be heard to wanting to earn a living 
How much money Jeff earned from his book advance 
How to learn what your audience will pay for 
Why what’s obvious to you might be amazing to someone else 
Why “getting published” isn’t the golden ticket most writers hope for 
How much revenue an ebook can generate compared to a book deal 
How Jeff transitioned from simple ebook to full-fledged online course 
Where advertising and affiliate income fits in the overall picture 
How many revenue streams writers typically have 
Other options for income (speaking, coaching, ghost writing) 

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