Saturday, March 07, 2015

Tips for Professional Work at Home Interview Thank you Note

A work at home job interview is just like if you had a regular interview with a brick and mortar company. It's highly recommended to write a thank you email to the interviewer. Not only is it good business etiquette, but a thank you email will keep you, a likely candidate fresh in their minds.

Here are some tips on writing a professional work at home thank you email. 

Sending a thank you email shows you are interested in the position and the company. Show your enthusiasm and interest throughout the letter.
It shows your appreciation towards the interviewer for investing their time to interview you.

Emphasize your strengths, skills, accomplishments and experience. Let them know what you plan to bring to the company if hired; why you would be a good fit and or an asset to the company.
Use what you've learned in the interview to point out your strongest skills or expertise. You can also help the interviewer remember you by bringing up specific points discussed in the interview.
This a good time to provide additional information that wasn't discussed or forgotten in the interview.
Your interview follow up email should be no longer than a page, error free and professional. Have someone proofread it and don't forget to include your contact details.

When you send an email even a most beautiful document can end up at the recipient's looking all messed up and sloppy. Make sure it is formatted properly. You may want to send it to some friends before firing it off just to make sure it looks professional.

As part of the interview process this is an important step to take. It is best to send your thank you email within 24 - 48 hours after your interview. Anything later may be a moot point.

A thank you email could be just enough to separate you from another candidate in your search in a competitive work at home industry.

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