Monday, March 20, 2006

Work at home data entry jobs reviews

Work from home businesses have been under the microscope of late and in general Data Entry on-line jobs also categorized as Type from Home jobs. Is Data Entry programs legitimate? Can you make a decent living from doing this type of on-line work? Are there any decent programs that can be recommended?

With all the questions asked, one website looking out for the consumers purchased over 50 Data Entry on-line programs. The website We Do The Shopping For You, or did an in depth research on which Data Entry programs actually did well and which ones were scams.

WDTS4U reported about 75% of all the programs they researched did not work as advertised and were a waste of money and almost never got their money back after they paid for the program. WDTS4U rated the programs from 1 star to 5 stars, of course 5 stars being the best.The Data Entry Programs they gave 5 stars to are not get rich quick schemes but will take some effort on the users part. Don't expect to retire tomorrow is what they are saying but you can make a decent living if you spend the time.

WDTS4U is still doing research as they go along with these programs and are keeping in touch with the consumers who are also trying these programs to get their input on them. They are even offering a 100% guarantee on programs that are already offering this same guarantee,so the consumer feels comfortable if they desire to try any of these 5 star programs. If you are interested in this type of program we suggest you take a look at March 2006 Review on Data Entry Programs.

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