Saturday, January 19, 2013

Easy Shift Get Paid for Tasks on your iPhone

EasyShift is the fun, quick and easy way to earn cash on the go, by doing simple assignments like taking a picture, recording a price or giving your opinion on your iphone. Tasks , or “Shifts”, only take a minute or two and you’ll discover them everywhere: at the supermarket , at the  local shopping mall, getting gas, at the movies, getting coffee…even while you read the paper or walk the dog. As you accurately complete tasks you will  unlock higher paying opportunities and other valuable perks. Get paid daily via your  Paypal account. Build your reputation and level up to unlock even more perks.
I downloaded this app out of curiosity after a friend told me that real money could be earned. Now whenever I go out for lunch, run errands, or go get groceries I look to pick up Shifts. It's easy and fun and your PayPal account is updated nightly! I never knew errands could be so fun. Great intuitive design and functionality. EasyShift is easy money.

Minimum Age: 18
Region: Nationwide
Rewards: $2-$20 per task
Min. Balance:  Daily Pay via paypal 
* Location-Based and Anywhere Shifts
* Photos must be clear to get paid
* No purchases are required
Download the app today from itunes Easy Shift app

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