Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 2013 work at home job income report

I  get a lot of questions about am I am really making money online. I think it is important that you can make money while working at home without  MLM or direct sales. 

I want to start tracking each month for my readers how much money I am making at home doing call center work and some of my other gigs.   Due to Non disclosure agreements I signed  I am not comfortable in saying which call centers I am working making  this money. 

Call Center work I track by the number of hours I am logged in and taking calls.   Some call centers pay a flat hourly rate and some pay only on sales and other pay per talk time.  My family and I just got back from 8 days at Disney world.  It was a perfect trip.  

During July I only worked a few phone hours due to the kids being out of school. I also my dad in the hospital after some health issues.  I really couldn't focus on working.   

Call Center work   (click to see which companies hire call center workers) 

Time work  15 hours 
Pay $230
Average pay per hour  $15.33

Elance and other short task work including mturk -aka non phone work 

Pay  $400

I am not including anything from any  survey and rewards programs as to me those are just extras and I usually save them up for Christmas.  

Gross Total  $630
Expenses  Landline phone and Internet  $75  

Net Total   $555
Compared to last month -358

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