Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

When putting together your Virtual Assistant marketing strategy, you should always be looking for opportunities to widen your marketing reach online. A great way to do this is by blogging. This will increase your exposure which in turn will enable to you to get more clients for your Virtual Assistant business.
One of the best blog platforms on the Internet is WordPress. It is very easy to use, and the search engines love it! Virtual Assistant marketing doesn't have to cost lots of money. You can install WordPress free of charge on your own domain (self hosted) or have your blog hosted at Once you have your blog set up, you can start to drive traffic to your site by way of making posts.
You can create your blog on a separate site to your main site and drive traffic to your main site from your blog. Or you can create your blog on a subpage of your main site - it's up to you.
When posting to your blog, make your posts informational and helpful for the reader. Keep blatant self promotion to a minimum. Blogging is to inform, entertain and build a relationship with your audience. You could also provide examples of how your services have helped a client - but do this in a conversational way.
Post regularly to your blog. Some post every day, others once a week or so. It's up to you and obviously depends on the time you have available to blog. The more regularly you post, the better. This is so that you keep your content fresh and make people want to come back. This is also very important for search engine rankings. Remember the higher ranked you are in Google, Yahoo and MSN, the more traffic you'll get to your sites.
Another thing that you might want to consider is featuring other authors or businesses. You can either interview them, or ask permission to use their articles on your blog, if their content complements yours in some way.
It is also important to network with other bloggers and leave comments on their blogs as well. This gives you greater exposure across the Internet and allows other people to find you more easily.
Here are three keys to keep in mind for blogging:
o Write about current topics - keeping it current is always best
o Give helpful information - if you give good information, clients will like what they see and be encouraged to read more.
o Post to your blog regularly
If you blog regularly and keep it interesting, you'll almost certainly see an increase in the number and quality of clients you have. Blogging should be part of any Virtual Assistant marketing toolbox.

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